YT and AFLA’s Wedding.. MST Ever!

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A Malay wedding ceremony spreads over two days, beginning with the akad nikah ceremony. The groom signs the marriage contract and agrees to provide the bride with a mas kahwin (dowry). After that, their hands are dyed with henna during the berinai besar ceremony. The bride’s hair is also trimmed or her eyebrows shaped by a beautician known as the mak andam.

The second day, the groom is accompanied by friends, relatives, musicians and bunga manggar (palm blossom) carriers to the bride’s house where they are usually greeted with the sprinkling of yellow rice and scented water.

Sometimes, the pencak silat or the traditional Malay sword dance is performed. To add gaiety to the joyful affair, the groom and his party are required to overcome humorous obstacles before being allowed to go in.

Above just and introduction of a MALAY WEDDING ceremony, well I just got the chance to go to Muar on friday to Cosmopoint Muar on business trip in order to evaluate and to observe the MQA (MALAYSIAN QUALIFICATIONS AGENCY) that will be held at Muar center, if im not mistaken early this June.

Opps, go back to my story about yt’s wedz. Well, the next day on 24th May.. I and K.Jijah went to her house and met up another 3 of my officemates. Once I reached there, I’ve just got to taste their NASI BRIYANI GAM and BANDUNG SODA the most popular cuisine for wedding at Muar and around Johor.

The HANTARAN @ Gifts to the bride was a shock amount of number which is 31 trays. Normally, trays of gifts from the groom will less than the bride. For instance, Groom = 5 Trays Bride = 7 Trays (must be odd numbers). I ask Afla why did he choose to give 31 trays of hantaran, he said that it would be significant because it shows that the wedding date for the groom side will be held on 31st May 2008.

Well Wish Yati and her hubby.. a very pleasant honeymoon! ahakz. 🙂

31 May

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