Proposal for the grand opening of a college open day

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Grand Opening of …………….. College
4 January 2014 4-7pm

Come along and see your new look COSMOPOINT College at our special Open Day, where you’ll be able to take a tour of our new state-of-the art facilities, watch demonstrations and find out about over 300 full-time and part-time courses including E-SECRETARYSHIP.

Cook- up a career
Be among the first to see our new Hospitality & Catering Academy, which includes professional training kitchens and a working restaurant. Award-winning chef and regular on the BBC’s Great JOHOREAN Menu, ……….., will be officially opening the new academy. Join ………… in seeing what culinary delights our students have been cooking-up and find out about our newest courses. Continue reading »

13 Nov

Taking care of your personal belongings at work

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It may be sad to think about it, but unfortunately not everybody can be trusted – even the people you work with every day. As we buy more and more portable technology, people can regularly come to work with thousands of dollars in things like laptops, phones and tablets that are their own, rather than company property, and sadly, sometimes these things get stolen.

If you often have expensive things on your person when you go to work, even if you don’t actually use them on the premises (for example if you bring an MP3 player you use during your commute), then it is important to do everything you can to keep them secure. Here are some tips. Continue reading »

29 Jun

Ladder-climbing tips for today’s woman CEO wannabe

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It’s no secret that most of the suits in large boardrooms and heading up conference tables are worn by men. Even in today’s modern society, it’s still uncommon to see a female as a head of large corporations.

That’s why it’s refreshing to see the likes of Angela Mentis, Kathryn Fagg, Cynthia Whelan, Pip Marlow, Helen Conway, Christine Parker, and Christine Bartlett leading the way for women everywhere. They’re some of the few female heads of major corporations, like Microsoft. In search of ” kim kardashian “? Stop by dealdashreviewed web site.

Although it’s still nowhere close to a balanced representation, with women employing only 8% of the major roles in multinational conglomerates, the tides do seem to be turning.

The corporations themselves are playing a major role in that progress. Better access to affordable childcare and flexible work hours are just two ways that Mommy and CEO are now both possible titles for today’s working woman.

Each of these leading ladies was interviewed recently about their transition from working mother to CEO. We’ve compiled a list of 8 attributes and tips that they’ve all agreed helped them on their way up the ladder. Study it and implement it into your work life. Continue reading »

22 Jun


Wow.. the first time I watch this video it’s kinda impressed me a lot to see all the students were paying attention in the class. That’s a good idea for me to teach them the POWER TEACHING as it one of the methods to avoid tired, stress and forgetful to the subject. Cosmopoint student, here I come. I hope them will not shy and try to mind open with this new technique! 🙂

Try to watch the video below, you will know why I’m so enthusiast with it.

23 Jun

Secretaries’ Night 2009

A spectacular event of 2009 will be coming near you THIS APRIL!

The Secretaries’ Night will be held as it is an experience and as a final project for the Public Relation class together with Personality Development class which conducted by me myself, Ms. Nora and Ms. Ayu.

However, the overall organizer will be the kind of “senior” E-Sect students. The teaser for the event has been pasted each level, and I found it so interesting and quite simple. Thanks to the committee that had given out their effort before the event finally held on either 17 april or 24 april depends on the available speaker and the hotel.

I’m hoping for the event to be postponed on the 24th of apr whereby I’ve got exams coming around on the 18 and 19th of april.. So I wont be able to join and participate on that nite if its on 17th apr. All arrangements in terms of the speaker, venue, dinner cuisines, technical (audio system – karaoke..yeay) has been booked and discussed on the final payment.

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01 Apr

The Final Presentation of DES 711

Finally, all the batch for DES 711 200809 had done their presentation today. The panels of the appraiser were among the lecturers that major in the field of business, english, office management and even IT. Eventually, the presents went smoothly except for those who were lack of preparation and even kinda nervous to see the panels and quite afraid to answer the questions prepared from them. However, there are several students that I should give credits in spite of their hardship of preparing the final project and the presentation slides. Below are those photos me with the students :

05 Dec