Women’s fashion trends to avoid in 2013

Women's fashion trends to avoid in 2013

Not all fashion is stylish and for a lot of women just being on trend does not necessarily mean that they look fashionable. Fashion and style and two completely different things and where style is timeless; fashion changes at the blink of an eye. This season is no different to any others and there are a number of items out there that could not really be said to be stylish and more so are fashionable. So, for spring 2013, we’d advise you to say no to these fashions – it’s a good idea in the long term, we promise!

Short Suits

The short suit is not one for the ladies and definitely not one for the men. Even in the most cosmopolitan of cities it tends to look all wrong. Whether, it’s the mix of the jacket with the shortness of the shorts, or the simple fact that shorts should be saved for the beach? However, if you want to wear something short with a suit during the spring – wear a skirt.

Overalls/ Dungarees

We’ve seen a lot of overalls on the runway this year – overalls in camouflage, overalls in tie die and just plain coloured overalls. The problem isn’t even the colour, but the fact that they are made for either mechanics or children. If you must wear them, then team them up with a fitted top underneath.


Even though a lot of us would have always attributed a harness to height safety, it seems that they are coming mainstream. We’re not sure whether the intro of the harness over other clothing is because of 50 Shades of Grey, or if it’s for some practical reason – or both, but we don’t like it and we’d advise you to run away from it. Wear your next dress without the restraints.


Adding oodles and oodles of voluminous layers is not really something we would advise you to do, unless you want to look swamped. We saw plenty of this on cat walks, being sported by 6 foot models and it even managed to make them look over powered. So, try and avoid it, especially if you’re average height or smaller, otherwise you will most likely end up looking overpowered completely.

Avoiding these four fashions for the next few months should be your goal. We promise you that you’ll be thankful for it. Remember, just because it’s on the cat walk; doesn’t mean it should be on you.

About the author: Cormac Reynolds is a fashion writer who has written for a variety of websites and publications.

10 Apr

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