Wild n Wide Wedding – Part I

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Well it’s a duo after all, never dream this thing happen and I supposed its rare to have double wedding among sisters in a family as it require the RIGHT person, time, budget, location and verdict from both parties to agree on the double wedding. Yes… it includes all happy, chaos, unbalanced commitment, money (d one that already work have to pay more.. uwaaa i supposed) and time (although that I’m working but still I have to send most of the cards.. erghhh)

All in all, after analyzing the event I realized that COMMUNICATION from both parties need to be established between us as it would minimized CONFLICT, MISUNDERSTANDING, and would lead to better consensus among the family.

Ok guys the event, at first I would say that I’m IN MIDST of UNFINISHED BUSINESS that need to taken care of… you know how it feels when we have to think 360degrees of all the arrangements on the event. Therefore, I remember that my dad said to me when I got stressed with my work due to I have to handled most of the flow of the production…. “Awin, you have to learned to be SELFISH” at first I thought that my dad just giving lowsy advice but yet to think it again, I do felt that it is really necessary for me to take that piece of advice…

At the end of the day, the wedding went just EXTRA fine with lots of colours shine thru our MEMORY LANE as Husband and wife.

Things that had happen to me during the event… later on the continue series of Wild n Wide Wedding -part II
hehe ngee~~~~

Here’s the glimpse of several pictures of US:

24 May

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