Five ways you’ll lose your looks as you get older and how to delay it

We all walk through life knowing that it won’t last forever. One of these days something bad is going to happen and it’s all over. I’m not talking about death, I’m actually talking about your good looks. You might not want to think about it, but some day in the future you will look in the mirror and not like what you see staring back. Hopefully you’re not so insecure that it will bother you too much. That doesn’t mean it won’t hurt. You could be the most secure person in the world, but once your looks are gone it’s the end of an era. You’ll never feel the same again.

This day is going to come a lot quicker for people who don’t look after their bodies. Your body is a machine and it must be taken care of. Your car is a machine and I bet you look after it. Why would you treat your physical body any different? You wouldn’t, but if you have then today is the day you start treating it right. When old age finally starts getting closer you will hold onto whatever lovely features you have for as long as possible. Let’s look at what might start to go and how you can delay the inevitable.

A mouth full of false teeth

Nobody wants to walk around with a set of false teeth. That’s what will eventually happen if you neglect your teeth. Do yourself a huge favor and buy a new toothbrush then start brushing every single day without fail. Do it once in the morning and once at night. Also pick up some tooth floss and use it every day before you brush. There’s some things a brush won’t be able to get out on its own. There’s plenty of other stuff you can do as well, such as staying away from sugary treats and fizzy soda.

Bones that will fall apart

There’s two choices you can make. The first choice is to grow old and let your bones slowly deteriorate until you can’t fall down without breaking something. The second choice is to start doing some resistance training. This could be bodyweight exercises or lifting weights. It means your bones will not only stop deteriorating, but they will actually get stronger. You won’t have to walk around like a hunchback when you are trying to pick-up chicks in the nursing home.

No real hair

There’s not too much you can do about your hair falling out. Genetics play a big part and if it’s your destiny to go bald it’s going to happen. You can do something to stop it from getting any worse. This means you don’t put any chemicals in your hair to dye it different colors. Eventually all those chemicals are going to do some damage. You can also stop wearing hats all the time and let your hair get some fresh air for a change.

Leather skin

Skin could be one of the first things to go, but it all depends how you look after it. Our generation has had a fascination with getting our skin as dark as possible, either by using tanning beds or lying out in the sun. Everyone likes a tan, but when you take it to the extreme it’s only going to end in disaster. Start using sunscreen every time you are out in the sun and stop trying to bake yourself. If you want to look tanned you can use some bronzing cream.

Rapidly expanding waistline

This could happen at any time, but it’s much harder to get rid of weight once you get older. Sometimes you just give up and except the fact you will spend the rest of your days struggling to walk up the stairs. This is not the attitude to have, so please start eating healthier and exercising as much as possible. You will enjoy old age much more if you don’t look like a giant donut. If you are already overweight then lose it as soon as you can.

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20 Nov

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