Vengeance? Retaliation? Or revenge!!!

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I just can’t stand it… those creatures that are suffering with hatred-heated heart! (haaa ko hambik tu… ni betul2 geram ni!)

I think this is such a tough question, and one i think about a lot. As feminists, especially in academia, we are taught to examine life through a critical eye. We then have a few options: 1. ignore the “misogyny”; 2. “girl”cott the experience/product/etc; or 3. Experience and critique. My vote is for #3 since if we ignore either the misogyny or don’t experience what we love we are missing out on the opportunity for education and change.

Why this sort of people should be stuff (not staff) in the sophisticated business world. It is just not so fair! Looking at their attitude, low-level of thinking, disgusting tactics, tons of lying, gossiping and all sort of “Appalling Cunt” behavior that they possessed in that rottenness body.

After nearly 1 year, I’ve get the true picture of my decayed slander on the issue of misused student’s funds! Bandung with that money? WTF…. never been to Bandung! BTW it was a planned trip even before the event got started, I n my sis (travel agency owner.. she sponsored me… yes its FREE again F.O.C!!!!) went to Jakarta and surabaya for a reason (buying engagement thingy).

Such rumours.. grapevines that are poorly immoral information BY THOSE STUPIDOS..Ooopsy dootsy. Today..this instant moment I really would ban this alliance with these culprits. (Banyak lagi yang aku tau .. malas nak state semuanya… if bagitau ada pulak yg malu sendiri or maybe would be terminated!)

“Appalling Cunt” = A person who is not up to the standard of humor and or acceptable behaviour. Usually has mental problems and delusions. Most often has a plastic nationality

“misogyny” = A deep and meaningful understanding of the true nature of humanity.

Therefore, I dedicate this below vidz for them to lead the way for repentance. May Allah swt bless them!

27 Feb

2 Responses to “Vengeance? Retaliation? Or revenge!!!”

  1. Abdul Wafi says:

    hish, pity you lah.

    btw, i love the word of Appaling Cunt.

    Thats so true.

    chill out mama, we’re gonna be ok, and they’re going to lose.

    ive changed my link to

    since there is “pembaca report di kedai kopi”. Hahaha. And if Pn Sally ask my email,

    my email is

  2. toh puan sri lakon layar says:

    reoprt police jek.kekekekke

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