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I was 20 years of age when i’m in my diploma years and one of the subject that I have to take for the semester was KEYBOARDING SKILLS & TEXT PROCESSING. I do feel I want to quit that class because my finger just cant do the “thing”. Especially my little finger always cant find the words that control certain symbols as such ‘?’ , P , , , > < "" '' ; : and also button enter... yeah I felt that way when I have to practice all night long. Well, the quote of "Practice makes Perfect" really have its effect. even though, at that time I don't have any laptop or PC of my own, I took the effort to go to the computer lab until 1am to finish my exercises and do it not once but more than three times. Until it already memorizes in my brain and fingers to correlate each other. So let’s take a quick look at your typing skills: * How many fingers do you use when typing? * Do you need to look at the keyboard while typing, or do you ‘type blind’? * Compare the speed of your typing when using mail / chat language (everything lowercase, kind of sloppy, simpler words, type as you speak) or pro blog language (correct spelling, not natural flow of words but keyword oriented) * If you type blind, does this include special characters and keys like Delete, Backspace etc? * Do you know your frequent mistakes while typing and know how to get around them? * How many times a day do you change between mouse and keyboard? Do you need to take look each time you want to reposition your hands on the keyboard? So all of the questions above will measure whether your competency in typing skills are high or at lower level. Below pictures are pictures I did print screen after testing myself in the typing speed test at the following website speedtest.10-fast-fingers.com

:::Speed test result in English:::

:::Speed test in malay:::

25 Apr

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