Hotels with incredible swimming pools in the world

It can often feel like there are very few perks to business travel. While your friends may envy the exotic sounding trips you get to make, you can often feel like all you get to see is an endless series of meeting rooms followed by a hotel bar and a bedroom. Sometimes, during a particularly gruelling work tour, you can even find it hard to remember what country you’re in!

However, sometimes you get a hotel, a flight or an experience that is truly special and makes it all seem worthwhile. Some business hotels feature some really excellent features that can make travelling a real pleasure, and, if you like to get some exercise and relax in your limited downtime, a spectacular pool can be a really uplifting thing. Continue reading »

27 Jun

Top tips that will make your holiday or trip easier

Going on holiday or even a business trip should be an exciting change from the norm and a great way to get out of your regular routine. Particularly if you are heading somewhere nice, most people will look forward to the chance to explore a new area, to stay in a nice hotel, and maybe to get in some R&R.

However, while these trips can be good fun, they will also often be a little stressful and you may well find that all the different things to remember, and all the little inconveniences, end up taking the fun out of your trip and stressing you out. The solution is good management and smart planning. Read the following tips and you’ll find that going on holiday or planning a business trip becomes a lot less stressful so that you can just focus on the fun. Continue reading »

20 Jun

Using a Dallas moving company

Last year my husband lost his job. We have been living off of our savings. Last week he was able to find a job in Tennessee. Since we will be moving we need to find a good Dallas moving company. Moving is a lot of work. I am not looking forward to it. Hopefully a good moving company will make it easier. We are hoping we can find one that will pack some of our home for us. We don’t mind paying extra for it. It would take a lot of the stress off if we could get that service. I hate the packing process and to be able to skip it would be nice. It would free up time for all the other things we have to do. Continue reading »

19 Apr

Famous hotel with unattended website

I felt sorry to this popular hotel that have ramadhan buffet serving their specialty of Durian Goreng because having the most simplest and boring website as to compare to this hotel located at Skudai that promoted their ramadhan buffet with a very attractive website. You could see the comparison between both websites below!​/index.html vs​y/skudai-johor_bahru/latestpro​motion.html

Why I ever care with this popular hotel’s website, it is because I’m trying to search for any latest news or promotion that does mention their very own delicious Fried Durian aka Durian Goreng that I and my colleagues tasted it on our 2010 ramadhan gathering. Yeah, and once again I thought that maybe this year they updated or upgraded their website to ease their user on navigating on other events rather than booking rooms. However, the website seems to have been neglected by their P.I.C staff that supposed to monitoring and do some changes to it.

Below our memories in New York Hotel Jb having ramadhan buffet together with friends :

Well, as I browse through for some ramadhan buffet in JB, I did notice that Goodhope hotel located in Skudai does offer really cheap ramadhan buffet to the early birds who would order their seats before this end of July. Based on the pictures they post in the website, the cuisines look very sumptuous and delighting. I think I would want to try to this mouth-watering dishes as to reward me and my husband for a whole day fasting treat. Well I still hope that they will serve durian goreng as for the desert. 🙂

We’ll see you there!

25 Jul

Allergic to duck meat?

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Last weekend, both of us (my husband and I) went to his late grandmother’s place at Muar, Johor for a ritual event  (bacaan yassin) in memory of his grandparents and those who have in the previous years. The family served many kinds of dishes, one of them being duck curry. Yeah, and it tastes just like beef.. can you imagine that? I have never tasted duck meat which is similar to beef  and also more to the taste of chicken. I don’t know whether the ducks that his uncle raised were a different species, or maybe the ducks were feeded with food that made them tougher than other ducks.

Then we straight head back to Batu Pahat and enjoyed the new movie, “Inception”, before returning to Pontian. After we arrived, I noticed that my hand had started to look like its infected….rashes started bursting out on my right hand! However, it was even worse on the back of my husband’s body….rashes started spreading all over and some of the rashes had lumps of  “itchy fluid” in it. He started to scratch his body just like a monkey dancing in the zoo :)… so I tended to his rashes by rubbing Drapolene cream onto his back to relief the itchiness.

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28 Jul

Its not about getting older

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Its not just a year older, but a year better. Here’s to another year of experience and wishing you another wonderful year of happiness and joy.

Happy Birthday, sayang! 🙂

06 Feb