Top tips that will make your holiday or trip easier

Going on holiday or even a business trip should be an exciting change from the norm and a great way to get out of your regular routine. Particularly if you are heading somewhere nice, most people will look forward to the chance to explore a new area, to stay in a nice hotel, and maybe to get in some R&R.

However, while these trips can be good fun, they will also often be a little stressful and you may well find that all the different things to remember, and all the little inconveniences, end up taking the fun out of your trip and stressing you out. The solution is good management and smart planning. Read the following tips and you’ll find that going on holiday or planning a business trip becomes a lot less stressful so that you can just focus on the fun.

Pack Light and Small

Generally travellers tend to worry too much about not having all the things they need. Thus they will often pack their bags full of towels, books and everything else they could possibly want and then have to drag a heavy suitcase around with them everywhere. Taking just a light backpack will make your whole trip hugely less stressful and you’ll this way be more free to move around easily and at the same time save your back from some pain.

Bring a Laptop

One thing you should bring though, is a small laptop, tablet or other kind of internet-enabled device. You might think that this will end up tying you to work and to the various stressed of life, but what it also does is to enable you to catch up with friends by e-mail, to solve emergencies in the office, to look up directions and to check the news in the morning over a cup of tea. All these things can add to your trip, so consider investing in a small netbook or just a tablet that allows you to do the things you want to and need to.

Prepare Everything in Advance

The real stress of going on holiday comes on the night before when you’re madly trying to pack while still getting a full night’s sleep. The solution here of course is just to make sure that you start preparing things well in advance – so that means you should have your bag fully packed and you should have your confirmation printed out for any transport or bed and breakfast. It also doesn’t hurt to call last minute to check everything is going ahead.

Research the Area

What can also save you unwanted stress, is to do just a little research into the area you’re going to be staying in before you leave. Specifically, make sure you know where you need to go, that you know where the transport links are, and that you know where the local amenities are. There’s nothing worse than leaving for a meeting and realizing that the nearest bus stop is miles away and doesn’t have any information on it.

Today’s guest author, Arnold Waltz, is a freelance writer based in Toronto, Canada. When he is not writing for money, he is seen winding up ┬áhis day with some soft rock music and a drink.

20 Jun

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