Top ten tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress

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As anyone who has tried will tell you, planning a wedding isn’t easy. It does however come with a few perks and one of them is the opportunity to try on a ridiculously wide selection of beautiful dresses.

Like many aspects of wedding planning however, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about wedding dress shopping. And when you go the wrong way, it’s surprisingly easy to find yourself with a dress that simply refuses to do you justice. Should you find yourself both engaged and in desperate need of a shiny white dress, here are ten simple tips for dress shopping like a pro.

Order Early

The first step towards finding the perfect wedding dress is to give yourself plenty of time. Most people are surprised to learn that wedding dresses typically take between four and six months to create, and that’s without customization. And if your dress needs to be altered upon delivery, that can take another two to four. Ideally, you should begin wedding dress shopping at least one year before your big day.

Know What You Can Afford

Next, there’s the small matter of your budget, it’s important to know what it is before you go shopping. Resisting a beautiful dress that you cannot afford is difficult enough without adding budget uncertainty to the mix. Set a budget early on and resolve to stick to it. No wedding dress is worth starting your married life in debt.

Know Roughly What You Want

Rather than hitting the bridal salons simply looking for something white, try to narrow your selection down to a particular style. Would you like a classically styled dress or something more modern? Do you want something understated and romantic, or glamorous and attention grabbing? The more research you do ahead of time, the easier it will be for salon assistants to help you.

Make Appointments

Some bridal salons will happily see you without an appointment but most require one. And even if an appointment isn’t strictly necessary, without one, you’re never going to be guaranteed the undivided attention of a sales person. Getting into the habit of always calling ahead is therefore very much recommended.

Shop During the Week

Unless your schedule says otherwise, try to time your salon visits outside of the weekend. Most salons are a lot quieter during the week and this means both more attentive staff and of course, more mirror time.

Dress Appropriately

Another important thing to remember if you want to make the most out of your time spent gown shopping is that semi transparent white dresses don’t exactly go well with black underwear. In other words, dress appropriately.

Choose Your Company Wisely

Unlike many aspects of wedding planning, most brides to be thoroughly enjoy the gown shopping process. It’s therefore only natural to want to share the experience with a bridesmaid of two. While there’s nothing wrong with doing so, it’s important to choose your company wisely. Don’t bring anybody whose going to be critical or controlling. And limit yourself to two guests maximum. Gown selection is tricky enough without bringing an entourage of opposing views.

Don’t Forget about the Weather

While there’s certainly no denying the importance of looking beautiful on your wedding day, said beauty shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort. If you plan on getting married during the height of Summer, don’t forget to think about the temperature when making your choice. For all the beauty of a satin ball gown, it will make for a very uncomfortable July bride.

Be Certain

There’s no rule that says you can’t purchase the first dress that you try on. It is however important to remember two things. First off, your choice of wedding dress is probably the most important fashion decision that you’ll ever make. And secondly, dress deposits are rarely, if ever, refundable. It follows that if you’re not a hundred percent certain of your choice, it’s important to keep looking.

Purchase a Dress That Fits You Today

Finally, there’s the small matter of size, order a dress that fits you today, not six months from now. There’s nothing wrong with trying to drop a few pounds before the big day, but don’t bet your dress on your ability to do so. Wedding planning is stressful enough without adding forced starvation to the mix. And trust me, making a wedding dress smaller is a lot cheaper, and less tear inducing, than making it bigger.

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