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Finally I get to go to KL and meet him after nearly 2 months didn’t see him. Well the purpose that I am going to KL is that all the Staff @ d workplace are compulsory to go!!! … it is a one day-training and will be discussing on learning kits, academic updates, and open discussions with the top management @ HQ center.

It is a controversial issues over the past 3 days.. I cant imagine why HQ center didn’t provide us with transportion and accomodation during our staying at KL. Only yesterday that our academic head had negotiated to get a bus and hopefully get hourly rate hotel for us to rejuvenate ourself for the 10am-5pm training.

My Chinese friend cried when she got the news that if we don’t have any accommodation, we have to have our shower at nearby highway R&R (rest area)… because it is her customs forbidden her to have shower or bath at public area. Something new that I learned from her about the Chinese culture. Even she is the only one Chinese in our community, but we really respected her culture and decided to contribute RM10 each of us and rent hotel…

It really taught me the morale of having friends from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnics and religions. Friends are precious, we should cherish and appreciate them in any situation and condition.


From left: Kak Jijah, Sally, Me, and Bibi… (my colleagues)

P/S: Sorry .. I’ve got meeting about the training now … I think bad news.. the bus going to be cancelled because it so expensive… the management won’t let us book the bus… which it may cost them RM1500 return trip.

29 Jun

2 Responses to “Today I’m going to KL”

  1. sc says:

    what kind of company is this?? they made all of u guys compulsory to attend this stupid training, yet no transportation and accomodation provided??

    if drive down, can claim the petrol, toll and parking or not?? but i think staying a night is not necessary. after the training straight balik. but it will be very tiring.

    at least your company should provide the transportation.

  2. awinsjclarke says:

    im really confused with the management of its staff and its welfare. At least they should consider the transportation for us… but finally we manage to booked 1 day bus to KL with our claim that is been done individually. As for accomodation we booked only one room and stuffed all 5 of us mixed 12 women and 3 men in one room. The room cost us RM188 and we only used it for several hours from 6am to 9am.

    Erm… useless … sigh….

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