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Tips to Stop Biting Your Fingernails

Nail biting is a bad habit that not only makes your fingers ugly but makes you unhealthy. While biting nails you are permit the entry of bacteria and germs to your mouth. Most of the people do this when they get tensed or bored. This results in bleeding around the nails, split nails, pain and infections. It is a difficult task to get rid of this habit but with strong determination you can quit this habit. I’ve tried to not biting the nails but can last only couple of days then I tend to rip each of those nails per sliver or more. hehe But then again try to read on the article that I managed to get on biting nails.

Tips to Stop Nail Biting Habit

1. First and the foremost requirement is the strong determination.. Then choose any one finger you like and determine to protect it from your habit. Now also you have four other nails that you can bite if you have strong urge. Once you succeed then choose one more nail along with the first as a protected nail. Like wise you have to progress till you get rid of this habit.

2. Manage to get a bitter taste solution that is edible also. Apply this solution on your finger tips daily after washing your hands with soap. Try to apply this solution on the skin surrounding the nail, cuticle and on the nails. The bitter taste will help you to remember not to bite nails. Apply the solution again and again and make sure that the bitter taste is still on the nails.

3. Ask your friends and family members to stop you when ever they see you biting your nails.

4. Polish your nails always and keep them beautiful. This will help you to stop biting the nails because you don’t want to spoil the beauty.

5. Try to undergo manicures weekly or monthly as this will prohibit you from biting the nails. Most of you might think about the money and time you spend in a beauty parlor for this beautiful nails and might stop this habit.

6. Include foods that are rich in magnesium and calcium in your diet. This will make your nails stronger and they will grow faster. More over the deficiency of magnesium and calcium makes you eat your nails to these minerals back to the body.

7. Practice some other habits in the place of nail biting and make sure the new habit is a healthy one. You can eat carrot sticks or gum handy instead of eating nails.

As for me, No.3 does give a big impact on controlling my eating nails habit.. so my friends please if you do see me biting my nails; I’m hoping that you will say “Hey, What are you doing with your finger.. are u biting your nails?” and my answer would definitely “Of course not.. hehe.. and smile with confuse eyebrows :p….

Does it lead to fungus nails? Yes, it can be called as Candiasis Nails. Read the article about it.

27 Nov

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  1. you said right this habit can make us sick. As you said that fist we will have conquered on our mind to get rid of this habit. Nice tips given by you in this post.

  2. sally says:

    I bite my nails really bad! I’ve had infections and everything! I used your tip number 1 and it worked great! I have reduced my habit down to one hand only now….cool!

  3. Good luck with the blogging habit. It’s one that I’ve definitely been working on since I started this site and have made a lot of progress.

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