The Power of L:O:V:E

Category: Romance


When I Found You..
I believe we all have one true love
Somewhere in this world I do
When it seemed all my dreams were falling through
That’s when I found you

I believe for every heart
that whispers in the dark
There’s a ray of light somewhere shining through
It must sink or swim when the tide came in
I found myself when I found you

I found the closest thing to heaven
that’s in you
I found the deepest love I knew
I believe
Yes it’s true
I found myself, when I found you

I believe for every door that’s closing
For every heartbreak
there’s hope for something new
From the ashes rise a glimpse of paradise
It soon flickered in your eyes
When I found you

A life unfolds
no one knows
I thought love was just a tingling of the skin
I felt so alone
all alone
More than you could ever know
You show deep love
Sweet love.

18 Jun

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  1. menj says:

    Very nice article, sayang. Muahs.

    – MENJ

  2. awinsjclarke says:

    Just a simple search … sorry .. im just a novice / simple blogger…. trying to practice my words in blog.. muahs to you too!

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