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Well, that’s right.. quite busy with my own work at office and lots of assignment for the master programme really make me feel like zombie….a passive blogger I am now.

For the last 5 weeks my whole weekend filled with lots of activities that are so “academic stuff”. But I’ve always positive to counter all the problems I might face with the assignments or pips. But one thing, if is about pips.. I just felt so annoyed with “their” attitude behaviour and traits that got related with their culture way back there. I have to motivate myself that there will always pips that were/are/will make my life miserable and put lots of anger to my mood… (I have to go for anger management class, will soon).

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12 Feb

Zombie – Hantu bangkit

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It is a legendary stories from the Sabah and Sarawak that refer to zombies. It is a true story that I get from Sarawakian fren of mine. She said that in Sabah the zombie sometime it walk pass the restaurant, residential’s area and anywhere. The zombie actually heritage from their ancestors that inherit the “Hantu Bangkit” family. If one of you ever have received things that are not digestive (foods or drinks) such as bag, pen or even bangles. Please return it back, because it going to get the things from you. I mean it… huuuuuuuu sounds scary ya! Well never experienced it yet and do not want to encounter with one of those! Well enjoy the video below:

01 Dec