Five fantastic moments on a perfect wedding

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Weddings are far more than the sum of their parts. While they involve a lot of logistical challenges and a huge amount of organisation, it’s not the little things that really matter. Remember that when you are rushing around to prepare for your big day and stressing over the flower arrangements. None of that really matters as long as you are happy with your partner and able to express that love in front of your friends.

That said however, there are still some particular highlights at any wedding. Not so much the finer details as the most amazing moments – the moments that will stick in your mind as flashbulb memories (look it up) and stay with you forever. These moments almost seem to freeze time and capture perfectly just how amazing your wedding is. Read on for some of the most special moments that will together make up the happiest day of your life. Continue reading »

20 Jun

Top ten tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress

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As anyone who has tried will tell you, planning a wedding isn’t easy. It does however come with a few perks and one of them is the opportunity to try on a ridiculously wide selection of beautiful dresses.

Like many aspects of wedding planning however, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about wedding dress shopping. And when you go the wrong way, it’s surprisingly easy to find yourself with a dress that simply refuses to do you justice. Should you find yourself both engaged and in desperate need of a shiny white dress, here are ten simple tips for dress shopping like a pro. Continue reading »

06 Jun

Eight tips for keeping pre-wedding jitters to a minimum

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Ask most married people about their wedding day and they will tell you that it was the happiest day of their lives. Ask those same people about the morning of their wedding however and they’re likely to tell you something altogether different.

There are few things in life quite as nerve wracking as the hours leading up to the big “I do”. From butterflies to last minute doubts, to say that the average bride is a little nervous would be quite the understatement. Should you find yourself wondering just how you’re going to keep it together on the morning of your big day, here are eight simple tips for doing just that. Continue reading »

06 Jun

Eight simple tips for being a great bridesmaid

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For most women, being asked to be a bridesmaid is an incredibly honour. Unfortunately however, honour or not, it’s also a very serious responsibility. And contrary to popular belief, it’s a responsibility that many women aren’t automatically ready for. It’s important to realise that being a good friend and being a good bridesmaid are sometimes two very different things. And just because you’re one, that doesn’t automatically mean that you’re going to be the other.

Should you find yourself both a bridesmaid and a little clueless about exactly what the job entails, here are eight simple tips for handling the role in style. Continue reading »

05 Jun

Its a Wedding of the Year 2012 ~ Norayunita

After posting a bundle of photos of Nora’s wedding, now its Norayunita Othman vs Mokhtar Musa that was recently announced themselves as married couple. Unfortunately, I did not come to her wedding due to taking care of Muawiyah.

It was taken place at her home in Felda Tenggaroh, Johor on 5th February 2012 on Sunday. She is known as smiley icon whereby her smile is so wide until reach her ears. :)). Well below are the joyous picture of both of them in their wedding apparel.

06 Apr

Noraniza Jahari’s wedding, yo….

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Well it came across me to update all my colleagues wedding in my personal website that I adore so much. Nora upset when she sees didn’t have her wedding photos in it. Lately, I’ve been so cooped up with all the task abundance and fulfilling responsibilities as a part-time housewife and a mother to very handsome baby named MRN aka Mawi.

Nora Jahari as her FB identification or her full name is NORANIZA BT. JAHARI and her beloved husband TARMIZI YUSOF aka Mizi had declared as husband n wife on the 26 February 2010 just 2 months +++ apart from my wedding. It was held in her hometown somewhere in the border of Pahang and Johor. We went to her wedding in order to support her and appreciate that she is the one and only colleague that is from Pahang.. ahakz.

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04 Apr