Lousy directories have no place on the web

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I have been asked by some on whether submitting to paid review web directories are really worth it. My answer would be, “It depends, really.”

However, I have seen directories whose owners claim to have good traffic, good listings, good this and good that, bla bla bla….and yet they have a big fat PR0 for all their talk.

Now, I will never suggest that you evaluate a directory based on Google PR alone. However their boasting just doesn’t match the reality of their.

So it is important that you ditch these kind of directories and evaluate a directory based on all possible factors…not just Google PR, not just traffic, but both and much more.

27 Jan

Tefra! special coupon code


I am pleased to announce the opening of my directory, Tefra! It was a month-long of work and effort and I am glad that it is finally ready to go on the next level.

In celebrating its opening, here is the special coupon code for those who submit to Tefra!

Discount: $5 for Featured listings, Free for Regular listings.

The coupon is good until the end of December and is limited to the first 500 users. So you might want to be quick in submitting your site and get listed in Tefra!

If you don’t know what a web directory is, read it up.

03 Dec