Include elements of retro style in your everyday dress

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Retro fashion can be an enticing thing, with plenty of cool fashion eras to inspire you. However, unless you want to commit to being ‘the girl who always dresses like a flapper’ or ‘that girl who loves the eighties’ it can be hard to pull off without looking like you’re in fancy dress or going to some kind of theme night. Here are some tips to help you wear cool retro styles while still looking like you belong in the 21st century! Continue reading »

13 Jun

Women’s fashion trends to avoid in 2013

Women's fashion trends to avoid in 2013

Not all fashion is stylish and for a lot of women just being on trend does not necessarily mean that they look fashionable. Fashion and style and two completely different things and where style is timeless; fashion changes at the blink of an eye. This season is no different to any others and there are a number of items out there that could not really be said to be stylish and more so are fashionable. So, for spring 2013, we’d advise you to say no to these fashions – it’s a good idea in the long term, we promise! Continue reading »

10 Apr