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Well I have another responsibility to teach my students at Cosmopoint College Johor Bahru on this particular subject. Yes I know its kinda very subjective subject whereby the objective of this subject are to :

Apply effective communication skills.
Think critically and solve the problem scientifically
Apply leadership skills towards themselves others in group work.
Apply information management as long-life learning skills.

Below are the sample of the syllabus of the subject for SOCIAL AND HUMAN SKILLS :

1. Name of Course Social & Human Skills Project
2. Course Code MPU 2412
3. Name (s) of Academic Staff Wan Muhammad Azam Bin Wan Abdul Aziz
4. Rationale for the inclusion of the course/module in the program:
To develop students who are able to apply the soft skills
5. Semester and Year Offered Semester 4, Year 2
6. Total Student Learning Time (SLT): 80 Face to Face :
Total Self Learning :

L = Lecturer
T = Tutorial
P = Practical
O= Others L
80 O
7. Credit Value 2
8. Prerequisite (if any) Nil
9. Objectives The main objective of this course is to enable students:
1. Apply effective communication skills.
2. Think critically and solve the problem scientifically
3. Apply leadership skills towards themselves others in group work.
4. Apply information management as long-life learning skills.
10. Learning Outcomes At the end of the course, students will able to:
• LO 1: apply skills to communicate effectively in various situations.
• LO 2: to solve the problems with a scientific approach
• LO 3: use leadership and teamwork skills
• LO 4: identify problems with critical thinking
• LO 5: become a responsible member of the society
11. Transferable skills • The course introduces students to communicate in the society and also various situations.
• The course prepares the students to solve and handle problems with critical thinking skills and scientific approach.
• This course encourages teamwork and nurtures leadership skills
• Students can apply information management skills as a mean of learning
12. Teaching-learning and assessment strategy
Self instructional Course Materials
– Project and presentation
– Discussions
– Group dynamics
– Problem solving approach
– Mini camp
13. Synopsis
This module focused on community management skills that are practical as community service and extra-curricular. It can be carried out through the participation of students in associations or uniform associations.
14. Mode of delivery:
Briefing and consultation

Assessment Methods and Types:

Component of evaluation Percentage
1. Individual reflection journals 15%
2. Project
• Presentation of project proposal.
• implementation of the project (before, during and after)
3. Presentation of the final report 20%

16. Mapping of the Module Content to the Module Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes / Subject Objective Apply effective communication skills. Think critically and solve the problem scientifically

Apply leadership skills towards themselves others in group work. Apply information management as long-life learning skills.

LO 1 √
LO 2 √
LO 3 √
LO 4 √
LO 5 √

17.Content outline of the course/module and the SLT per topic

Week Topic
Week 1 – 2 1. Community Service Project

2. Explain the concept of community service
• Self-willingness to volunteer
• Community service concept
• The importance of community service
• Individual and group functions in the community service
• List of appropriate communities to implement community service projects
Week 3 3. Present a proposal
Week 4 – 8 4. Application of team building skills in various settings standards:
• Communication skills (Week 4)
– Student will be evaluated on communication skills consultation meeting with group members.

• Leadership skills (Week 5)
– Students will be evaluated by displaying leadership skills through giving opinions, suggestions and getting along with the team

• Group work skills (week 6)
– Students will be evaluated on group work skills through find raising activities ( i.e. : booth for second hand item)

• Critical thinking and problem solving skills (Week7)
– Student will be evaluated on final preparation of the cumulative budget and items prepared for the community service project.

• Social responsibility skills (Week 8)
– Discussing arising community issues
Week 9 & 10 5. Reflection of the implementation on project
Week 11 & 12 6. Project presentation
Week 13 & 14 7. Provide documentation of appreciation to the parties involved

18. Grading scheme by Pass / Fail
19. Main references supporting the course
Main Refference:
Nor Hayati Fatmi et. al. 2010. Pembangunan Negara Melalui Pendidikan Kemahiran Insaniah. Bangi : Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Others Refference :
• Hanum Hassan, Razli Ahmad dan Azuddin Bahari .2008. Kemahira Insaniah dan Kepentingan Penerapannya dalam Program Baktisiswa Perdana UniMAP. Kangar: Universiti Malaysia Perlis.
• Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi. 2006. Modul Pembangunan dan Kemahiran Insaniah (Soft Skills) Untuk Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia. Serdang : Universiti Putra Malaysia

It was surprised to search about volunteerism among the Clarke’s University Well its synonim with my surname and yes it is very beneficial to the whole wide world.

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