Tips on how to treat stress with a day spa experience

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All in all, there is no better way to rejuvenate one’s body and mind than through a delightful experience at a day spa. Most often affordable and always convenient, day spas operate out of villages, towns, and cities everywhere. From overworked doctors to stressed out moms, there is no doubt that individuals from all aspects of life can find relief from the many benefits and treatment types that day spas offer around the World. Provided below is a detailed overview of what day spas are, qualities of the best day spas, treatment types that they provide, and the many benefits of their services. Continue reading »

25 Oct

The cosmetologist that is changing lives

Yes, I know I look great. Thanks.

I felt (and looked) like a princess, which is great, because my stylist did that on purpose. I was seven -years-old and my friend Sarah was throwing a birthday party. Five other little girls and I went out to lunch at some upscale restaurant where Sarah’s mom bought us all an expensive lunch entrée and fancy crème tarts. Then it was off to the local beauty school where we all had our hair and makeup done.

I remember sitting in the chair as Crystal (yes, I even remember her name) curled my hair with a barrel iron. Crystal was just one of those girls that are just cool. She didn’t have to try to do anything; she was just the type of person that a little seven-year-old girl who went to the hair salon for a birthday party wanted to be when she grew up.

Her hair was bright, bright blonde, but it looked surprisingly natural. It was short and almost pixie-ish, with a little more of an A-line than a pixie. Somehow, though, she pulled it off. She had a really pretty face, and while she had some make-up on, she definitely understood the “less is more” saying. In all fairness she was just a natural beauty, but she understood that hair and makeup were only supposed to emphasize who you already (naturally) are.

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25 Sep