Wild n Wide Wedding – Part I

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Well it’s a duo after all, never dream this thing happen and I supposed its rare to have double wedding among sisters in a family as it require the RIGHT person, time, budget, location and verdict from both parties to agree on the double wedding. Yes… it includes all happy, chaos, unbalanced commitment, money (d one that already work have to pay more.. uwaaa i supposed) and time (although that I’m working but still I have to send most of the cards.. erghhh)

All in all, after analyzing the event I realized that COMMUNICATION from both parties need to be established between us as it would minimized CONFLICT, MISUNDERSTANDING, and would lead to better consensus among the family.

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24 May

What a surprise!

Yeah.. indeed a surprise that I received from my beloved fiance Menj. I’ve always waited for a big bouquet of roses or maybe only 1 or 2 roses with nice sweet enlightening chocolates (godiva…. patchi… erm.. yummy) along tagging with his cutest smile and k***, however last night he’d given me the most precious gift beside roses & chocolates (common.. boring), that is a NEW WEBSITE THEME for Awinsjclarke.com.

Fuhh….finally I have really cool features in my website that most of the those websites nowadays have niche value on it; chat box (always wanted that in front of my ‘home’), my 2 eyeballs (make u freak out when u glancing thru my website), the RED COLOR…. gosh, I really like RED! It looks so elegant.. does it? and finally the ad sense that will gain some money for our wedding funds..huhu (sabar nyer <-- kontra kan) Thanks syg for giving me the theme that are so nice and so sophisticated... chewah and to the web designer, I don't know how much did Menj paid him... if it's at affordable price, I would really appreciate on that too. If it expen... well you done your job well! It's 4.43am, and I still can't sleep after coming back from KL and not sleeping for the past few days with lots assignments pending and presentations and tests going to shuffle my brain out... so i better do some preparations and planning before it would lead to chaos and aftermath bomb explosions. Jot out!! Adios... 🙂 P.S. I'm so happy until I can't sleep....ahakz!

16 Mar

Its not about getting older

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Its not just a year older, but a year better. Here’s to another year of experience and wishing you another wonderful year of happiness and joy.

Happy Birthday, sayang! 🙂

06 Feb