The power of Al-Fatihah

Yes its true… at first I’m still like wondering is it gonna work? Yeah.. but I asked my mom to proceed with it. Actually, last night my left knee hurts and asked my mom to massage it, and she really knew that something wrong with the vein and its felt so strained.

So, she put her hand and started to glide through the vein……. Ouch! so damn painful!… I budged all over the place and started to swearing…ahakz. I cant stand it… So my mom said that she would whisper the magic words and my the will feel numb … what?

Guess…? Yeah it did came true and I couldn’t feel a thing…. Then she said that only recite 3 times of Al-Fatihah with each of it in a shot. Of course, you have to believe it works and would definitely by Allah swt will.

17 Feb