Elfie Sali?

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My Mr.Elfie very d perasan one you know!~~ and always saying that “If I were him, I would score it!” whenever he watch a football match. Recently, he bought the Malaysia’s Football Jersey @ Midvalley MegaMall with the price of RM199.. fuhhh I could buy 4 to 5 kinds of blouses with that cash!.. but what the heck he really wants it and straight away test the shirt at the room.. and suddenly he screamed.. “Goallllllllll~~~” out of sudden. *punya dia jakun giler dapat pakai baju tu.. *jakun giler= bangga sangat (so proud). ahahahah sorry syg i’d do some ‘gossiping-in-progress’ about you.

So I decided to snapped some pictures of him with d’jersey.. duhhh :

<<<< Acting to be one of the Malaysia's team player >>>>

<<<< Proud Malaysia team's fan >>>>

<<<< Proud Malaysia team's fan #2 >>>>

<<<< Is it Safee Sali? >>>>

05 Feb