Five tips to avoid getting stung by a bee or wasp

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Five tips to avoid getting stung by a bee or wasp

Getting stung by stinging insects such as bees and wasps can be painful and in extreme cases, even deadly. This is because some people are allergic to insect stings caused by the venom ejected by these flying insects when they sting. Stinging insects attack when they feel the need to defend themselves, so to avoid getting stung can be impossible at times. If you have a bee nest or a wasp nest in your home and garden, then you need to learn how to avoid making stinging insects feel threatened until you have a pest control professional remove their nest from your home. This is why you will find these tips useful if you want to avoid getting stung. Continue reading »

05 Jul

Hotels with incredible swimming pools in the world

It can often feel like there are very few perks to business travel. While your friends may envy the exotic sounding trips you get to make, you can often feel like all you get to see is an endless series of meeting rooms followed by a hotel bar and a bedroom. Sometimes, during a particularly gruelling work tour, you can even find it hard to remember what country you’re in!

However, sometimes you get a hotel, a flight or an experience that is truly special and makes it all seem worthwhile. Some business hotels feature some really excellent features that can make travelling a real pleasure, and, if you like to get some exercise and relax in your limited downtime, a spectacular pool can be a really uplifting thing. Continue reading »

27 Jun

Five fantastic moments on a perfect wedding

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Weddings are far more than the sum of their parts. While they involve a lot of logistical challenges and a huge amount of organisation, it’s not the little things that really matter. Remember that when you are rushing around to prepare for your big day and stressing over the flower arrangements. None of that really matters as long as you are happy with your partner and able to express that love in front of your friends.

That said however, there are still some particular highlights at any wedding. Not so much the finer details as the most amazing moments – the moments that will stick in your mind as flashbulb memories (look it up) and stay with you forever. These moments almost seem to freeze time and capture perfectly just how amazing your wedding is. Read on for some of the most special moments that will together make up the happiest day of your life. Continue reading »

20 Jun

Six reasons why your new home should be at the beach

A lot of people would love to live at the beach, yet they spend their whole life stuck in the city or a town in the middle of nowhere. I’ve tried to encourage them to choose their dream life by sharing a few reasons why living at the beach is so special.

If you ask a large number of people where they would love to live, do you know what they’d say? A lot of them would enjoy living at the beach, yet for some reason it always remains a dream. You will already know what you’re looking for in a new home, but take a look at some special reasons why the beach is the place for you. Hopefully it might inspire you to live the life of your dreams. Continue reading »

13 Jun

Eight tips for keeping pre-wedding jitters to a minimum

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Ask most married people about their wedding day and they will tell you that it was the happiest day of their lives. Ask those same people about the morning of their wedding however and they’re likely to tell you something altogether different.

There are few things in life quite as nerve wracking as the hours leading up to the big “I do”. From butterflies to last minute doubts, to say that the average bride is a little nervous would be quite the understatement. Should you find yourself wondering just how you’re going to keep it together on the morning of your big day, here are eight simple tips for doing just that. Continue reading »

06 Jun

Eight simple tips for being a great bridesmaid

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For most women, being asked to be a bridesmaid is an incredibly honour. Unfortunately however, honour or not, it’s also a very serious responsibility. And contrary to popular belief, it’s a responsibility that many women aren’t automatically ready for. It’s important to realise that being a good friend and being a good bridesmaid are sometimes two very different things. And just because you’re one, that doesn’t automatically mean that you’re going to be the other.

Should you find yourself both a bridesmaid and a little clueless about exactly what the job entails, here are eight simple tips for handling the role in style. Continue reading »

05 Jun