Removing a tattoo before your wedding

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Removing a tattoo before your wedding

It can take a few weeks or a few months depending on your tattoo and removal method. We all make mistakes. Some just happen to be more permanent than others. Take that tattoo you had etched into your skin while you were drunk on spring break. You barely even remember getting it and have no clue why you picked an elephant wearing a tutu. Now you’re about to get married to another man and would like to wear a strapless wedding dress. Having that wild night’s souvenir removed can take longer than you think. Continue reading »

05 Apr

Lusciously long lashes: how to achieve long lashes permanently!

Eye-lashes form an integral part in depicting the overall beauty of the eyes. Long lashes attract dramatically towards them. They have a certain intriguing and expressive factor about them. They help in being more expressive and display the feelings of being shy and coy in perfect style. These fluttering beauties are not gifted to all. The ones who are blessed with extremely nice eye-lashes are among the most fortunate lot.

For women who are less endowed on the eye-lids, we have a rescue treat for you. We list some easy ways by which you can achieve naturally long, thick and strong eye-lashes. Continue reading »

26 Mar

Body and facial piercing trends for 2012

2012 has seen the emergence of a number of body and facial piercing trends, as less traditional fashions become more popular and acceptable in cosmopolitan western societies. Read on for a summary of the most popular piercings this year.

The Forward Helix

This ear piercing is now massively popular amongst both men and women. Somewhat sleek and subtle, the forward helix is a cartilage piercing based just above the point at which the ear meets the face. As it is so small and inoffensive, it is as versatile as it is cute, and wearers need not shy away from more formal clothing choices. The forward helix is best suited to a barbell or delicate ring. Continue reading »

01 Nov