Stylish and chic designer handbags

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There is a thrill and excitement in owning a designer handbag, considering the fact that such an item is precious and fashionable to look at. Likewise, it is good to know that the bag you are carrying is a designer handbag because it builds up your personality and adds an ingredient to your fashion style. Handbags originally made by Hermés, Louis Vuitton, or any other high-end manufacturers of handbags are delicately woven and handcrafted specifically to perfection exuding an air of fashion whenever it is carried around by a stylish woman. Continue reading »

01 Jun

Your next It Bag and how to be able to afford it

Blonde Woman With A Handbag

When it comes to fashion, women have a special relationship with their handbag. A handbag can be the item that ties together an outfit, the status symbol you crave, or the one constant in an ever-changing wardrobe that screams ‘you’. In 2013, the definition of ‘IT’ bags has changed since the original notion of an accessory that became totemic due to celebrity use. Bags aren’t given a name anymore. The designs a rarely practical and the charm doesn’t last half as long, but these designer must-haves still cost the equivalent of a month’s rent, and sometimes more.

In years past, you could buy a Kelly bag and bask in the glory of that purchase for years to come. An IT bag was an investment and a statement of classic good taste. Today, the world of designer bags is alarmingly changeable thanks to the fashion explosion of the nineties when haute couture was thrust into the grasp of the middle classes. Whether you favour Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry or Dior, here are some clever tips to help you get your hands on the bag of your dreams without going into debt or completely cleaning out your bank account. Continue reading »

12 Apr

Shopping for your leather handbags

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Fashion trends come and go, but exclusivity, style and distinctiveness remain the major players for leather handbag to stand out.  These days, one can find leather  handbags now enhanced  by timeless designs, color, styles   and textures that  add and shape up one’s overall  outlook.  It is a fact that most men and women will always prefer leather when it comes to their preference of bags, briefcases and more.

If you are looking for a bag that gives your outlook with great definition,  leather handbag styles and designs will give you lots of ideas on  what you should search for online. It is also a plus that most of these bags are not that heavy thus you will not look like an overloaded luggage carrier. They are surprisingly light weight and you will surely be able to get  ones that best complement your evening wear  or casual  outfits with little struggle. Continue reading »

31 Mar