How to avoid becoming a victim of wedding gift theft

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A wedding is a wonderful, almost surreal, affair that the bride, groom, and their guests must truly enjoy. Since a wedding is a celebration of love, couples exert all their efforts to make this affair go as smoothly as possible, which is why detailed planning is done. But sometimes, trouble stains these kinds of beautiful situations. Sometimes, relatives might find themselves in a bitter argument that hopefully culminates in reconciliation just before the bride and groom say “I do.” At times, there might be problems with the wedding cake, decorations, weather, or the bride’s gown. These can all be resolved quickly and with almost no anguish. There are times, however, when malicious people mar a nice affair by stealing wedding gifts. Stealing is bad enough, and if thieves take your wedding gifts, these individuals have definitely sunk to a lower level. Continue reading »

14 Feb