Senior artist Ida Kusumah died

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Senior artist Ida Kusumah died at the age 71 from a heart attack around 8.30 PM on Thursday night (25 nov 2010) at the Cinere Hospital, Jakarta.
Ida was brought to the hospital after she blacked out during a local television drama shooting on the same area, news portal reported.
MD Entertainment spokesman Media confirmed the news, saying that Ida got the heart attack while still doing the shooting.
Further information regarding the artist funeral hasnt been informed yet.
Ida was widely known for her comedian style. Along with her best friends, Nani Wijaya, Connie Sutedja, Rina Hasyim and Mieke Wijaya, Ida formed the Golden Girls, which often invited to do talkshows in television.

According to Satya Ellan Tobias, the son of the late Ida Kusumah fourth, maminya died in a relaxed position leaning back in his chair. People who know the first time taken for sleep, before it was taken to hospital with a fixed seated position.
“Mummy died very quietly, leaning back in his chair, he was really quiet sleep mami, keep taken to the hospital, sitting leaned relax,” Ellan said when met at the Golden Crown Complex Housing Block 06/17, Cikokol Tangerang, Friday (26/11 .)
Ellan own claim maminya confused with a history of illness, which he clearly never had heart disease, and have never complained about a serious illness. But all has happened with sincere family desertion.
“We’re confused history mami do not like this disease, the family gave up his departure, had complained the most common colds, complained of fatigue since the shooting,” he said.
As a child, Ellan assess maminya as personal discipline. With five children and eight grandchildren, he was always fair, regular contact one by one. Ellan also claim to not have any inkling before.
“Mummy amazing, discipline, does not distinguish his son, always the children one-one call, called him dear, remind cholesterol feeding is maintained,” said Ellan.
Ida Kusuma whose real name Nyi Raden Siti Hindarsah Atmadi Koesoemah died suddenly at the location sinetron CINTA FITRI, Thursday (25/11) at 20.00 pm. Oma actor allegedly suffered the heart, and had received treatment at Castle Hospital Cinere, South Jakarta. Deceased will be buried today after Friday prayers.
Visible wreaths lined the front of the house of the deceased, including the comedian Mpok Atiek, Parfi large families, lawyers Japto S Soerjosoemarno, culture and tourism minister Jero Wacik, do not forget from MD Entertainment, producer LOVE FITRI. And many artists came to give their last respects, including the senior angkatannya.

29 Nov

Al-Fatihah for Suenartie

Shocking news! My classmate – ex now (Suenartie Jahari) had died in a car crash accident together with her husband (Samsul) and her dearest son – Ammar Firdauz, 3 years old. It was happened on the 3rd Jan 2009 at 1.15pm (during that time I was still in class and never thought this kind of incident would crossed my mind).

The death of her family was discovered first by one of my friend (ASMAHANI) sarawakian and then told to another one of my classmate (MILFADZILAH) that happens to be at her kampung TANJUNG KARANG *( nearby the accidents was occured). The police tried to call her family way back at Sabah but no hp numbers that they could find because some culprits have stole their hps and purse. Only a piece of paper that they found several numbers of her classmate that can be contacted in the kancil.
However, her lil’ sister survived with a severe injuries and now still in ICU.

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05 Jan

Is death ever busy? :-S

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Such a ridiculous advertisement but its quite funny to watch it. As I guess it…. bull’seye.. the advert is all about the ”Satan’s Pee”, ahakz you know it rite? Just found it while I was searching on the traffic accidents caught on CCTV, so I would love to share it with you that never came across with this kind of ads. 🙂

18 Dec