My 3rd Nephew

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Oooo.. gosh, Im getting older after having to be called Aunty for the next 2 to 3 years until Fahim and Fazara got their tongue to say that word… And another one nephew just born yesterday on the 22nd of April 2011 (Friday). Thanks to Allah / god that everything was okay and the baby was fine.

My younger sister named MAZDIANA who is the mother of a handsome boy named MOHD QAYS ADAM, have very caring husband and dad named MOHD HAFIDZ that always stay in the ward to accompany and took care all the needs that require for both of them.

The baby was 3.33kg when it was delivered and her mom had to overcome painful of labor by having epidural inserted into her backbone. Well she told it was also painful when all the wire and the big needle jabbed her rear body, but afterwards she cant feel a thing. But for unknown reason, her contraction become into bad condition however the cervix had only open 1 cm for the duration of 8 hours.

So the doctor have to get the baby delivered within that time, and he decided to do a C-section for her. What a pity after having to suffer with the pain, finally she have to be operated rather than to have normal delivery.

Whatever it is, both of them are fine and below are some pictures during my visit to the Prince Court Medical Centre at Ampang, KL, Malaysia.

:::Son vs Mom:::

:::The handsome baby – MOHD QAYS ADAM:::

23 Apr