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Indeed it’s my first week of class with some of them are new faces, new attitudes and new style of thinking in interpreting my way of teaching. Actually I prefer to teach a large number of students rather than vice versa. Frankly speaking, I learned more from them and we were more likely to have fun together in class. Sharing lots of precedents events especially my schooling years and within my college years. I’ve learned a lot through experiences gained throughout the years in this happily benighted world.

Those classes involved subjects that I familiar and interested with, as such those below:

1) Creative & Critical Thinking (FULL TIME & PART TIME)
2) Intro. to Human Resource Management (FULL TIME & PART TIME)
4) Intro. to Public Relation (PART TIME)

For the introduction class, I’ve concluded all the chapters as to familiarize them with the syllabus that they’re going to learn throughout the semester 201101. A bit of motivation and ice-breaking along the way; I could see their faces giving positive response.

Wishing all of them the best and I hope this semester will remark a new paradigm shift to aim for higher CGPA; that include getting A+ in all subjects. Insyallah~~ 🙂

05 Feb