Famous hotel with unattended website

I felt sorry to this popular hotel that have ramadhan buffet serving their specialty of Durian Goreng because having the most simplest and boring website as to compare to this hotel located at Skudai that promoted their ramadhan buffet with a very attractive website. You could see the comparison between both websites below!

http://www.newyorkhotel.com.my​/index.html vs http://www.goodhopehotel.com.m​y/skudai-johor_bahru/latestpro​motion.html

Why I ever care with this popular hotel’s website, it is because I’m trying to search for any latest news or promotion that does mention their very own delicious Fried Durian aka Durian Goreng that I and my colleagues tasted it on our 2010 ramadhan gathering. Yeah, and once again I thought that maybe this year they updated or upgraded their website to ease their user on navigating on other events rather than booking rooms. However, the website seems to have been neglected by their P.I.C staff that supposed to monitoring and do some changes to it.

Below our memories in New York Hotel Jb having ramadhan buffet together with friends :

Well, as I browse through for some ramadhan buffet in JB, I did notice that Goodhope hotel located in Skudai does offer really cheap ramadhan buffet to the early birds who would order their seats before this end of July. Based on the pictures they post in the website, the cuisines look very sumptuous and delighting. I think I would want to try to this mouth-watering dishes as to reward me and my husband for a whole day fasting treat. Well I still hope that they will serve durian goreng as for the desert. 🙂

We’ll see you there!

25 Jul