Breastfeeding products that are worth it

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There are some wonderful tools and products that will help make the experience of breastfeeding worth it and much less of a hassle. Below are five products that help to make the breastfeeding experiences much more pleasant and enjoyable.

Breast Pump

If you are going back to work or if someone else will be taking care of your baby or just feeding the baby, a breast pump is a great tool to have so your baby can continue to have your breast milk. A breast pump will allow you to pump milk and store it for future use or for someone else to use in a bottle to feed your baby. Don’t waste your time going for a cheap breast pump. This will be frustrating and will take you longer to pump. A good, popular brand that has great review will work best. The breast pumps come in manual and electric. An electric pump is used more for frequent use and a manual pump for very infrequent pumping. Continue reading »

11 Nov