Successful event after all!

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Thanks to all the committee 🙂 that took part on the event whether before, during & after the event. It was a successful event after all, although there’s hitch and hickup before the event get started but they managed the event that I didnt expected it would be. I’ve received few smss from the speaker of the table etiquette from MyaZoa Consultant management said that “…the event was spectacular… in fact the event that I’d really enjoyed most.. “. So overwhelmed with the feedback that they given to us. The committee that create the teamwork and coorperation among them before and during the event, has give great impact towards the event.

Thanks to all the participants that were came on the ‘IMAGE ENHANCEMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL’ with such confidence and willing to learn new things for preparation on their future career. Insyallah, the certificate had been common seal and only need to write down the participants name on it. Alhamdulillah, they were 109 people had came that night. However, 107 served western cuisines were available on that night. There’s lots of sacrifices made by the committee such as (have to share food, give their goodies bag, not able to listen to the speaker, got quarrel over something, have to come early, back late at night and have to pay extra cash for the event).

A million thanks to them and I’m sure all of you will cherish this moment and gain the experience in dealing with such event after you’ll graduate with your diploma.

Below are some pixs that I managed to get it with my cute SonyEricsson Hp :

(Sooorry only video… but can’t upload 🙁 )

28 Apr

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  1. Bb says:

    haiya..text only huh…where are the pictures taken by your photographer.

  2. awinsjclarke says:

    Ahakz not yet received the softcopy from Dodi. Will soon post it in a new post.. thanks for the comment!

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