Stripe dresses: A must have for the season

Striped dresses have been an evergreen favorite with women through ages and can never go out of style at any point in time. One can never be wrong when wearing stripes by thinking consciously and picking the style that suits them the best. Striped dresses are hugely popular owing to their chic and sophisticated appeal. They are available in stylish variants with unaccountable designs and styles, of fabrics ranging in length from long to short and below the knee, that are apt for all age-groups.

An incredible advantage that striped dresses carry with them is the fact that they help in camouflaging the not-so-flattering parts of your body and highlight the best ones, by creating an illusion of a thinner, leaner and slimmer frame, they bring out your best features when you select the appropriate stripe design i.e. vertical or horizontal or a combination of both, depending on your body-line. These dresses help to drastically change the visual appearance of the individual wearing it to complement the person well. They look even more flattering when seen from a distance.

Now, We Illustrate The Different Stripes Apt For Various Body Types:

Petite Or Short Body: Women with a petite body frame should wear smaller stripes that are stuck closer together. They should concentrate on vertical striped dresses in a V-neckline to create an illusion of elongated height. Large bright and wide-belts must be strictly avoided. Also avoid horizontal lines as it seems to divide your already petite structure into halves.

Pear Shaped Body: This type is heavier on the bottom, so attention must be shifted to the top. Women with these body types should choose dresses that have vertical stripes on the lower half. Dresses look even more attractive when teamed with a jacket or a dash of a bold color in the form of a belt, necklace, shoe or a clutch. Accessorizing well with neck-pieces and bracelets and belts will break the monotony of stripes and create a great impact on the overall look.

Athletic Or No Curve Body: Choose a dress with a well defined waistline and an amalgamation of stripes that are horizontal on the top and vertical below. Broad belts look great for this body type as they give an illusion of distinctness and division which these individuals usually lack as their top; waist and bottom are all in one line.

Heavy Top Body: Women endowed with fuller figure usually shy away from stripes. But, this perception can be changed with a wide chevron (V-shaped) stripe to bring attention to the centre of the body line. Mono-chromatic stripes help in keeping the look leaner and less noticeable. Avoid embellishments on the top half of the dress, as you want to take away the attention from there and focus on the lower portion. Opt for light colors.

Striped dresses are a boon for older women too and look classy for their age. They can be teamed up with slim cropped pants, jeans or leggings converting them to a tunic style for a versatile look. Color block dresses are also a variation of the striped dresses that are new this season. They have blocks of multi or dual colors on them. They look as stunning as their former counterparts.

About the author: Mike is a fashion designer and a freelance blogger. He has quite a bit of experience in desinging clothes for young ones and recently he designed couple of very cute stripe dresses for girls.

11 Jun

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