Setting Things Up with the New Partners Now

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Of course we are going to be talking to some people who are interested in expansion opportunities. OF course I have to go meet with them and a business lawyer in Chicago with our lawyers. You can not do this sort of thing without killing a lot of trees, because everyone has to have their hind parts protected at all times. Of course that it includes me the same as the other guy and I am not going into this thing. It is how it is going to be no matter what and the only people who are not protecting themselves from getting sued are people who have nothing to lose or are too foolish to see that they have something that is in jeopardy. At any rate we are talking and it is going to be a couple of weeks at least before it ever gets any place. It will take that long for the lawyers to check each other out and make sure that there are not any nasty surprises hidden in the small print.

Of course that is the thing you have to always worry about. You never know who has the best lawyer until there is blood on the ground. They all look big and tough to a guy who does not understand the words that are coming out of their mouths, but some of them are obviously a lot sharper than the others. You can look at the big cases and figure out that there is a reason why some of them make millions of dollars and others do not. If you are a millionaire and you have serious interest at stake you are not going to mind paying top dollar for the best lawyer that money is going to be able to buy for you.

20 Feb

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