Removing a tattoo before your wedding

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Removing a tattoo before your wedding

It can take a few weeks or a few months depending on your tattoo and removal method. We all make mistakes. Some just happen to be more permanent than others. Take that tattoo you had etched into your skin while you were drunk on spring break. You barely even remember getting it and have no clue why you picked an elephant wearing a tutu. Now you’re about to get married to another man and would like to wear a strapless wedding dress. Having that wild night’s souvenir removed can take longer than you think.


A word of warning to those who would like to take their tattoo off: Give yourself plenty of time. Taking them off typically takes a lot of time. In fact, most tattoos, especially elaborate ones, need a number of appointments before you’ll be rid of your unwanted ink.

Laser Tattoo Removal

If you decide to go with the most popular method, which is laser treatment, to remove your tattoo, make sure to give yourself plenty of time. How much time is, of course, going to depend a lot on several factors, including the size and age of your tattoo as well as how colorful your design is.

It typically takes an average of six to eight sessions to remove a tattoo, and you will usually have to wait between six to eight weeks between each of those treatments to give the area enough time to heal.

R-20 Laser Removal

Many clinics now use a new laser procedure, the R-20 technique. If you decide to go with R-20, you will be undergoing a second laser treatment only 20 minutes after the first one is finished. Some clinicians may do as many as four passes during one session.

This method will greatly cut the amount of time you will have to wait between each visit to your clinic. In fact, if your tattoo is small, you may only need one session. Otherwise, this method will typically cut the number of doctor’s appointments you need in half, as well as the amount of time it will take for you to finally have the tattoo disappear.

Solution Injections

Another popular removal method uses saline injections on the tattoo surface, in the same way the tattoo was originally made. The solution draws the ink to the surface where it forms a scab or a crust. This eventually falls off, taking the pigment with it. This method typically takes about three to four treatments spaced apart by about eight to twelve weeks.

Set Aside Time

You will need to give yourself plenty of time no matter what tattoo removal method you decide to use. Plan for six months to a year. Even if your tattoo is small and only requires one treatment, the area will more than likely be red, swollen, blistered or scabbed for at least a few weeks.

About the author: Jessica Bosari blogs about tattoo issues important to women for the New Look Tattoo Removal clinic in Houston.

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