Six reasons why your new home should be at the beach

A lot of people would love to live at the beach, yet they spend their whole life stuck in the city or a town in the middle of nowhere. I’ve tried to encourage them to choose their dream life by sharing a few reasons why living at the beach is so special.

If you ask a large number of people where they would love to live, do you know what they’d say? A lot of them would enjoy living at the beach, yet for some reason it always remains a dream. You will already know what you’re looking for in a new home, but take a look at some special reasons why the beach is the place for you. Hopefully it might inspire you to live the life of your dreams.

You’ll forget what stress means                                                          

Stress is something most of us have to deal with on a constant basis and it’s not going to change any time soon. It’s hard to get rid of your stress when you come home to a small apartment and sit down to watch television. If you live on the beach you can go out and lie down on the sand. Once you start listening to the waves crash against the shore your stress will be gone.

It’s a great way to keep fit

You won’t even need to join a gym if you live at the beach because you will have one on your doorstep. You can go for a run along the sand every morning and if you want to cool down you can swim in the sea. There is also a huge number of watersports that will keep you in shape. Hopefully you choose a beach with nice waves and you can go surfing every day.

The beautiful view

If you live on the beach you will have one of the best views in the world. There is just something special about looking out your window and seeing the ocean. When you’re sitting on your balcony at night you will see the moon reflecting off the sea as the wind brushes over your skin. The view from a window in the city can’t compare unless you live at the top of a New York skyscraper.

You will be inspired

It’s hard to get inspired when you live in a normal neighborhood because your life becomes monotonous. It’s the complete opposite when you live at the beach and you will always be inspired. It’s even better when you work from home because you will be able to work a lot harder than you previously could. Your life will never be dull and new ideas will become a regular occurrence.

A great place to raise kids

I bet you would have loved living at the beach when you were a child. You would have loved collecting shells, looking for crabs, and playing on your little surfboard. Your child won’t want to sit in their room and play video games because they will want to go out and explore. They will thank you when they are older and they will become a beach lover for life.

There is less pollution

If you live in the city there is a lot more pollution floating around and you are constantly inhaling exhaust fumes. There is so much trash lying in alleyways and it can start to smell really bad. Wouldn’t you rather smell the fresh sea air when you leave home in the morning? If you’re not a fan of pollution you will definitely enjoy living on the coast.

Don’t rush into any decisions

If you’ve been dreaming of living by the sea your entire life, it might now be the time. Remember that we only live once and you should live where you will be happy. Don’t rush into any decisions because you might regret it, so look very carefully before you decide what to do. If you do move to the beach you should know that every day feels like you’re on holiday.

Today’s guest author, Stuart Miller, is an estate agent at MarkRichards Team, a real estate firm for beaches listing in Toronto.  He works as a stand up comedian for his night job and entertains people on various open mic nights in the city.

13 Jun

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