Master of Office Systems Management has alive!

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As mentioned above, I started my master’s degree this semester (september – january) hopefully all will be great. Insyallah, I’ve been going through lots of research and reading about the related topic of management issues. My research is about “STAFF DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM AND JOB PERFORMANCE AMONG ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVES IN SMALL-MEDIUM SIZED ORGANIZATIONS (SME) IN JOHOR BAHRU, MALAYSIA”. Why did i choose to do this research because i’ve read alot of journal stating that the importance of staff development program in the organization can increase their level of competence as well as to boost their job performance. As for me, I’ve long enough wanting to have training and any activity of life-long learning environment in my workplace. Continue reading »

07 Dec

Five ways you’ll lose your looks as you get older and how to delay it

We all walk through life knowing that it won’t last forever. One of these days something bad is going to happen and it’s all over. I’m not talking about death, I’m actually talking about your good looks. You might not want to think about it, but some day in the future you will look in the mirror and not like what you see staring back. Hopefully you’re not so insecure that it will bother you too much. That doesn’t mean it won’t hurt. You could be the most secure person in the world, but once your looks are gone it’s the end of an era. You’ll never feel the same again. Continue reading »

20 Nov

Why can’t women be heroes without sex appeal?

Whenever television wants to showcase a woman being a cool hero, she always has to have some sort of sex appeal. It’s like the producers of the show know how every single man works, so whenever a woman appears on screen the first thing every man thinks about is how she would look naked and whether or not he would have sex with her. In turn, this effects women’s ability to just be plain hardcore. For some reason, women can’t kill a villain without showing a bit of cleavage, and it’s not actually that fair.

A good example of this is Kate Beckett from ABC’s major ratings hit Castle, which stars Stana Katic as the heroic detective. Beckett is a kickass heroine, some might say she’s an action girl or a femme fatale, but on the whole she is the hard boiled cop who gets stuff done, takes no nonsense and isn’t afraid to shoot the bad guy dead if the case requires it. She’s pretty cool, but throughout the series we’re lead to certain scenes where Beckett is dressed up or “sexified”, likely to satisfy a male audience. The issue is that Beckett is already a great cop and she is very career centric, but she has men drag her down throughout. She’s shown as a stiff during Season 1 because of her lack of sexual encounters as she talks with Lanie Parish. Continue reading »

16 Nov

Body and facial piercing trends for 2012

2012 has seen the emergence of a number of body and facial piercing trends, as less traditional fashions become more popular and acceptable in cosmopolitan western societies. Read on for a summary of the most popular piercings this year.

The Forward Helix

This ear piercing is now massively popular amongst both men and women. Somewhat sleek and subtle, the forward helix is a cartilage piercing based just above the point at which the ear meets the face. As it is so small and inoffensive, it is as versatile as it is cute, and wearers need not shy away from more formal clothing choices. The forward helix is best suited to a barbell or delicate ring. Continue reading »

01 Nov

No deposit blog

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30 Jul

Malaysia concern on minimum wage plan 2012

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I hope it will be a betterment to all private companies personnel once the Prime Minister announces its splendid plan to TV news tonight. I assumed all of them can’t wait to hear to the news that will change a bit their budget and earnings (more >). Especially, I am also one of the triggered pool to celebrate the unveil excitement.

Malaysia will announce plans for a minimum wage this month, a government official said, bringing the nation in line with Southeast Asian neighbors strengthening support for those with lower incomes.

Prime Minister Najib Razak and his Cabinet have yet to complete the plan, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the talks are private. Reuters reported earlier today that the Cabinet had approved a minimum wage of RM800 (US$264) to RM900.

Najib is preparing for elections due in early 2013, and a minimum wage would follow an October budget that featured cash payments to low-income families — a step that’s helped increase his approval rating.

Thailand and Vietnam plan to boost minimum pay, and Singapore last month introduced a permanent program for handouts to low-income people as policy makers throughout the region seek to address wealth gaps as Asia leads global growth.

“It’s clear that elections are the motivation but what is unclear is if this will be a blanket minimum wage or whether it will be differentiated by sectors or by state,” said Kit Wei Zheng, an economist at Citigroup Inc in Singapore.

“There will be a loss of competitiveness if it’s a blanket hike across all sectors. The government is aware of the pitfalls.” Najib announced in October 2010 that Malaysia intended to adopt a minimum wage policy as part of its long-term economic planning. “We are waiting for the government to make a decision,” said Shamsuddin Bardan, executive director of the Malaysian Employers Federation. “We have expressed our concerns about the rates and sectors to be involved during our consultations.” — Bloomberg

30 Apr