Public Relations assignments (E-Sect students)

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As we discussed in class, we have covered up to chapter 8 and all of you still have 6 chapters to cover. Fyi, the syllabus for this semester will covered until chapter 14 the complete notes will be given next week.

For your reference, below are the Outcome that need to be submitted and marks have been given to those who have given me their assigment on time. : –

Outcome 1 –

Outcome 2 – Print Chapter 1 until Chapter 9 (Please upload this chapter 9 below

CHAPTER 9 PR and print it out)

Outcome 3 – Exercises on Chapter 1 – 3

Outcome 4 – Exercises on Chapter 4 – 7

(Please refer to Raja, Farhana, Mim, and Ainan for the selected questions)

Outcome 5 – Will be a pop quiz from Chapter 9 until 14

Thanks… Please do the best in this subject and others too… dont forget too pray!

29 Nov

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