The prickly subject of Christmas presents for the in-laws!

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The in-laws are notorious aren’t they? Quite why the word strikes fear into the heart of any hooked-up person we will never know, but there’s no getting away from the fact that unless you are very lucky, you’ll have a battle on your hands with them. Meeting them for the first time is always fraught with nerves. Will they like you? Did they prefer the last boyfriend/girlfriend to you? Will you remember all your table manners?! There are plenty of things to worry about – no first meeting with the in-laws is ever that easy (but it’s good to remember that there will be nerves on both sides!).

Surely the worst dilemma of all is what on earth to get them for Christmas. Let’s face it – you barely know them but the wrong present could cause offence, as could no present at all. It’s a minefield, full of areas you could put your foot in it and inadvertently alienate yourself from them!

The Key to it All

When choosing presents for your in-laws the key thing to remember is that you don’t know them that well. So, avoid choosing personal things for them like clothes or perfume – this is bound to go wrong! Go for gifts that are slightly impersonal, but that anybody would love. Here are our ideas:

A Christmas Hamper

Bound to go down well with the grumpiest of in-laws, a Christmas hamper is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. Hampers can be packed with all sorts of goodies such as shortbread, preserves, pickles, biscuits, a bottle of bubbly or some exotic fruit. If you’re feeling really brave, make your own up! Buy a basket, line it with some Christmas wrapping and head down to your local farm shop or delicatessen and pick out treats that they’ll love. Additions to the Christmas table are always welcome so consider some brandy butter, cranberry sauce or a Christmas pudding. Tie it all up in a bow and – most importantly – store it upright and don’t let it go flying in the car on the way!


Flowers always work. They say that you care, but that you acknowledge that you don’t know them well enough to choose a more personal present. Everybody loves getting flowers. See if your other half can give you a tip on what their favourite flowers are – that’ll score real brownie points!


This is only an option if you have kids together! Presenting your in-laws with a photo album of their darling grandkids is bound to make them smile. Or consider getting a photo blown up and put in a good quality frame. There are plenty of other creative ideas for where to put photos – such as mugs, key rings and even t-shirts!

Choosing the right gift for your in-laws is a tactical move and if you get it right you’ll be paving the way for a far easier life in the long-run! So think carefully about what you think they’d like, and ask your other half for ideas if you’re really stuck. Good luck!

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