Pos Malaysia turn to “Hot Pisang Goreng”

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Yes its true.. Eversince, the govt has given out their promise after the controversial issue of hike in petrol RM1.92 to RM2.70 (nearly 40%++….fuhhh poor me!) ;Pos Malaysia has become the main attraction for those who have not more than 5 private car that are below than 250cc. Why? RM625 will be given to them as a method of persuasion yeah that’s rite!. Its not gonna cover my petrol consumption through the year but its just like a celah taik gigi jer lil’ incentive that cannot be missed.

Well as my intuition are so always rite, it really did happen! The Malaysian were and still pursuing that “large sum of money” like only they offering it until this Sunday.(Like having 90% sale at IKEA) Fyi, it pos malaysia (cant believe it they open on sunday just because of this thing) will open this service until 31st March 2009 before 12.00midnight. Eventho, im not that kind of patient type but still Im not gonna push myself into the crowd and force them to give me that money… well i can wait. ahakz

Whatever it is, I think I should give tips for those who are eager to get that sum of money asap as of the impact of the hike in petrol.

See below picture step by step that I did manage to get from the pos malaysia berhad.



16 Jun

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