Its a Wedding of the Year 2012 ~ Norayunita

After posting a bundle of photos of Nora’s wedding, now its Norayunita Othman vs Mokhtar Musa that was recently announced themselves as married couple. Unfortunately, I did not come to her wedding due to taking care of Muawiyah.

It was taken place at her home in Felda Tenggaroh, Johor on 5th February 2012 on Sunday. She is known as smiley icon whereby her smile is so wide until reach her ears. :)). Well below are the joyous picture of both of them in their wedding apparel.

06 Apr


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It was over 10 years that I & ex-schoolmates didn’t gathered and chit chatting about guys since 1994-1998 during my schooldays… ahakz… yeah its true, we all ni dulu gatal2.. huhu if there were a coolest guy that passing by during sports tournament, scouts camp, school activities(arts-mural) or whenever we going back to school, we will always talks about them.

Erm… Well that time goes by and most of my friends got married happily with their cutest children. I’m still not in their list but some sort of waiting list to go to the next life. Most of them got a bit chubby, yeah its goes the same way as I am. Trying to shed some pounds that covering my sexy body .. chewah!

Well the the event on that night was running smooth however there’s were several hitches and hiccups on the dinner served. The theme of that night was Blue Diamond represent our SSP emblem that are blue in color. 1st august 2009, took place at SMKSP aka SSP (Sek. Sri Perhentian) Pontian and had started at 9pm whereby supposedly to start at 8pm.

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26 Aug

11th June – MIRACLE? I’M ALIVE

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I did felt that I’m getting the MIRACLE from ALLAH. I really thanks to Allah that I managed to get away from the major accidents with only minor cuts and bruises. The incident was took place at Pekan Nenas, Johor whereby I’m heading to Johor Bahru and the 5-Tonne Lorry was at my opposite lane. The lorry eventually got into my lane to get across to one house that is at the back of one’s malay workshop handling on motorcycles and bicycles. The man that work at the workshop have had helped me and took my things out from the total wrecked PERODUA RUSA!.

Actually if I looked closely to my radio it has shifted to upper deck and that were my left foot remains hurt and bruises all over. I thought of suing the driver or the company of the lorry, because if I managed to get my total loss claim it would estimate to only 5000 or less. Its ridiculous!!.. I’ll only get 5000 and lost my Van forever!.. A week ago, I just installed an additional aircond for RM1050 in order to have cooler air inside as for the purpose of bringing my cousins, colleagues or students if we were to go to picnics, trip or etc. But this is what I can call Qada’ & Qadar.. We can’t change that have been written in Quran or Hadis but we should put some effort to it and focus more while you are driving!…

Have a look at my Van that already been to its worst condition 🙁

28 Jun

Kak Jijah’s wedding

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Gambar-gambar Puan Jijah yang sempat aku snap…dan paksa berloving-loving dgn hubby tercinta :


Malu2.. jijah malu~~ chewah nyanyi lak (What a nice couple)


Mak aku pun join gak gambar ni .. heheh.


Kak Jijah yang berseri2


Mak bertemu Mak.. ahakz

10 May

Successful event after all!

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Thanks to all the committee 🙂 that took part on the event whether before, during & after the event. It was a successful event after all, although there’s hitch and hickup before the event get started but they managed the event that I didnt expected it would be. I’ve received few smss from the speaker of the table etiquette from MyaZoa Consultant management said that “…the event was spectacular… in fact the event that I’d really enjoyed most.. “. So overwhelmed with the feedback that they given to us. The committee that create the teamwork and coorperation among them before and during the event, has give great impact towards the event.

Thanks to all the participants that were came on the ‘IMAGE ENHANCEMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL’ with such confidence and willing to learn new things for preparation on their future career. Insyallah, the certificate had been common seal and only need to write down the participants name on it. Alhamdulillah, they were 109 people had came that night. However, 107 served western cuisines were available on that night. There’s lots of sacrifices made by the committee such as (have to share food, give their goodies bag, not able to listen to the speaker, got quarrel over something, have to come early, back late at night and have to pay extra cash for the event).

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28 Apr

Its not about getting older

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Its not just a year older, but a year better. Here’s to another year of experience and wishing you another wonderful year of happiness and joy.

Happy Birthday, sayang! 🙂

06 Feb