Toooootally Shrekkkk pictures

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Just some crazy ideas from us at the workplace to wear our head costumes.. sort of.. that we bought only in Singapore and its limited, you can’t buy it in Malaysia (still wondering why McDonald’s Malaysia dont sell it here). Well, I bought it through my friend (Kak I-shah..thanks alot) for only SD 2 = RM 5. Innitially, only me and 2 or 3 of them bought those pairs of Shrekky ears. The next day, turn out to be all the staff were crazy about it and they all bought it for taking pictures and bring to the movies.

Its really fun for us to took those pictures with the shrekky ears, as if were one of the Shrek and Fiona relatives. So, enjoy with the pictures and if you have the time to go for holidays to our nearby neighbour … SINGAPORE… dont miss out to buy those SHREKKY EARS!!! You wont regret it… till then 🙂

13 Jun

Cont.. Shrek’s Day @ Cosmopoint JB

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y’all… now is the time for me to share all the happenings that had happened at my workplace. …but felt sleepy… cont… again.. ahakzz.. sorry!!!

12 Jun

Shrek Day…

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to be continued… tomorrow… got meeting today.. ill keep u’guyz updated!

08 Jun

Greeting Earthlings….

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakkatuh….

Just wondering, what im going to post to my freshly new blog .. that is Really a great thanks to my dearly ehem… which he recommended to join this blog. I will post another girls stuff regarding on the SHREK DAY in Malaysia strictly to only COSMOPOINT JB.. ahakz..

06 Jun

He’s my man

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This was taken at UiTM on our first date together.


Fast forward a few months later….


If that is not obvious enough, I don’t know what is. He’s my man, and let me not hear anyone say otherwise!

06 Jun

First blog post

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Assalamualaikum, here I am with my first blog post. Actually I am not much of a writer (much less a blogger!) but he insisted that I start to blog. He bought the domain name and hosting and the rest, they say, is history. What direction will this blog take? At the moment I am unsure but I guess it will just be filled with my daily ramblings, thoughts and musings…the usual stuff people always write.


If you want to comment, please do so in the box below. Be gentle please, I am still new to this blogging thing.

05 Jun