Looking for web design?

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So are you looking for a web design that rocks just like my blog theme? Then you don’t need to look very far. If you are looking for web designing and development services, check out any web design company which offers web design and development services which are their specialty and that may include content management services for companies that are categorized as small and medium sized. They have actually created websites such as TruGreen for a number of clients already which you can check out in their web portfolio page. Their site also lists out the procedures on how to work with them and a form that you can send online to ask for a quotation. So if you want to make your own but need help, contact them today for inquiries about the services provided.

14 Mar

Fashion schools NY

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What is your perception on the fashion business? Fashion has been part of all communities from all over the world and there are many places which have become the trend setter of fashion styles for people around the world, and they pay more for this. The fashion industry is also no exception in providing schools which are well-proven sources of knowledge and formal training in most specialist skills. One such city in the US which has set the standard for fashion schools is New York, where you can find a fashion school in new york that suits your needs and requirements. So if want go to fashion industry you must attend the right fashion schools. No matter how skilled are you, nobody will recognize your skills unless you have a certificate.

You can check out the website called “Fashion School Finder” which lists out new york fashion schools. Now that the New York fashion schools have launched their online fashion courses, I am sure that anyone of you who are interested in fashion can make this dream come true. Check out the website itself and see the information for the best fashion schools new york you can find out there.

12 Mar

Picnic to spend quality time

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For those of us who fancy some of our time in nature, and prefer to make a small effort to benefit from a nice lunch or dinner, even outside, relaxing in the beautiful surroundings of nature and peace, a picnic is one thing that brings a lot of fun with it. A picnic reminds us of a romantic time, when people went to enjoy a lunch and a nap in nature, in some cases, it was even a little more than that some of the older people can probably say. Today, most people prefer to have a picnic on a weekend and combine the meal with a walk or a tour of the surroundings, this is a family activity, although sometimes you will find couples that are very passionate about these types of activities.

If you enjoy nature, you would certainly know how chaotic it is to load all the food and equipment lunch in plastic bags and other types of bags, and pray that nothing is broken or spilt on the way. It is also not very well at the dinner table, if all of your stuff are spilt all over the car. Although the picnic time picnic basket does not solve the problem of setting a total of up to eating lunch in the wilderness, it does what a lot nicer and a lot more organized.

10 Mar

Al-Fatihah for Abang Yi

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Abg Yi.. the one who’s wearing black shirt..Al-fatihah..amin

This morning around 7am, I’d received bad news from my best friend that her brother died in car crash accident. She have to go back kelantan and see her family however she asked me if ever I can lend her some money for the journey. Without any hesitation, I’d gave her money plus extras to her Mom and Dad and give condolence to them.

Its really a heartbreak moment whenever our loved ones have died in that situation and never have the opportunity to seek forgiveness and time spent together with the family. She regretted that she did not pickup the last called that her brother (Abd Yi) made last 3 days ago. She had some disagreement opinions with her bro over some small matters. I hope she can take control of herself and accept the “qada’ n qadar” from Allah swt. Deep inside his feeling, im surely that he had already forgive her and love her so much.

I’ve once felt what she had been right now going through but only mine was gradually sadness and know that death will surely come to the one that I loved most (my dad).

Therefore, if you’re Muslim or not, please pray for him to better a life after death. May he rest in peace.


02 Mar

Islamic law is the best of the best

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Faith in Islam- awinFaith in Islam- awinFaith in Islam- awinFaith in Islam- awin

Hi guys, I went through this website and got impress with the statement by this fellow about the Islamic Law that should be implemented in Islam countries that could lead to a better, peaceful without war. The statement were made in Malay version.

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02 Mar

Leap Year falls on 2008

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Yes, 2008 does give me a mixture of emotions that I’ve gone through until today’s date that fall on Leap year which only happens every four years in february. Its really happy to see this month whereby I’ve gone thru 7 times in my life… (seven and eight numbers really an “ong” or prosperous numbers for the Chinese). I hope for the best for this 2008 year and be a successful career woman..

Its difficult tho, to ever commit to something that being ask to complete some tasks or activities towards both career and family. But I do learn from mistakes and try to improve from time to time… Be the best among the best!


29 Feb