MyVi Limited Edition…I love red!

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R.E.D…. yes, its my favourite color of all colours in the world apart from yellow! I just saw an advertisement in Google ads that has given me inspiration for new dream car….a MyVi, ahakz! Before this, I do not really prefer the outer appearance of that car because of its bulky shape and conservative look, it was not my type of car

However, with the new face and body lift up by the PERODUA R&D crew, I would say that they have done a real magnificent job and would cater lots of ‘girls’ demand I would say 🙂 hehe and also for family car as well. The seats and door handles does have different features whereby the seats are striking red (i like) and it does have exclusive chrome door handles (which i prefer most).

The pricing is quite pricey and not up to my budget yet.. but maybe I could get an ordinary myvi and turn it into one. 😛 with lower budget. insyallah … If im not mistaken its already OUT from the oven.. ouch HOT!!! and the launch of it was on 7th July 2010. So, why not this weekend come along with your partner or hangout friends to see the latest limited edition of Myvi pinkish gediks.. hehe

Well catch out the new Myvi Limited Edition pics below.

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11 Jul

Feature of my 9-week fetus (was)

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When the fetus came out from the womb, it felt like something slimy and jelly fell out from the vagina. It really in a matter of seconds that it exerted with blood and pain. I managed to catch it and saw through it small tiny fetus that merely became a human, it is a size of a tadpole however the body and its head were not attached together. I think it is one of the cause why did this abortion happened. The fetus may be at risk of incomplete feature or not in well condition. Whatever it is I’m still thank god that everything that had happened to me have its causes and ‘secret’ behind it that only Allah knows it.

Anyway I did some researches and found image of a 8-week old of fetus that have been taken sharp and closely inside the amniotic sack aka yoke. See below :

10 Jul

Depressed Mode – Miscarriage

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The previous of post of mine do resembles the continuous sadness that had happened to me n beloved husband several days ago. MISCARRIAGE… its really a scary word .. however it did happened to me and in fact the pain that each of every woman experiences the miscarriage were really HURTS!!!… It just like your backbone and lower parts of your body are tearing apart ” just like the movie “ALIEN” one of the captain body was cut in half.

Argh… that feeling .. really hurt and painful, can’t bear to have it again. Alhamdulillah, Allah The Greatest had helped me through the way and easily all the blood clots (nearly 500gm) were bursting out to the floor with all the tons of blood soaking to my b/w baju kurung that I had wore on Monday.

Hafila, Ayu, Nora, Pruz, Nad, and other colleagues had advice me and Fila sent me to the nearest hospital that was at the HOSPITAL SULTANAH AMINAH (HSA) JOHOR BAHRU. At first, I’m really afraid to go to the public hospital after what I’d heard from others on their bad service and unfriendly doctors and nurses. Luckily, when its my turn I didn’t felt that they are ignoring me nor rude at me however their service were very professional and treat me as first class patient :P…. sometimes I felt that at KPJ is much more lower service than HSA.

Alright… where was I? Yeah … than they (doctors… most of them are practical students from Monash University – one of the best medical university available in Malaysia…yup and they supported HSAJB.. could you just believed it?) had done ULTRASOUND scan and done a thorough survey report based on the tons of questions he asked me while im in PAINNNN~~~ sangat sakit okkk .. mcm nak beranak pun ada .. sakit senggugut tersakit didunia.. the most painful menstrual period pain I’ve ever had!!! gosh…. dont want again!!! Then I did said to the doctor that i’m in pain.. and he quickly ask the nurse to provide me with painkiller jab…. ahhh what a relief~~~

Afterwards the most critical part is that the chinese doctor inserted some device into my tut~~ and dig something into it and even add some anti-bacterial liquid into my womb.. what da~~~ I nearly shouted at him.. but my patience was above all.. I really jadi an innocent girl laa at that time.. ahakz… Well after that they realize that there still bits of clots of blood cant be removed in the womb and needed D&C tomorrow. I were asked to fast at 4pm in order for them to get me ready for the ‘deadliest D&C’ …. its something like bottle brush being stuff into my tut~~ and rolling around inside.. OMG… I wont be doing that (I said to myself… Allah please help me .. I dont want the D&C.. i rather have COMPLETE ABORTION than INCOMPLETE ABORTION)…

Sample of videos on D&C (Dont PLAY it if you are afraid of blood and operation of body parts)

I can’t sleep later that night just imagine what is going to be happened to me tomorrow~~~ jeng2 the next day….

There were at least 5-6 doctors(mixed Chinese and Indians) accompanied by senior doctor that is Dr. Faizal (most coolest dr. i’ve known.. very the bald and shiny) ahakz.. still young tho… well the best part is that the Dr. Faizal asked me how’s my condition this morning and all those doctors looking at me anxiously :P… I said to him ” Im fine, all the clots of blood seem to have gone and my pad have only blood stain…” then the doctor asked the incharged doctors to put me into the treatment room for another ULTRASOUND scan to find out whether my status of INCOMPLETE ABORTION going to be changed to COMPLETE ABORTION… Well guess what .. my prayers had went to Allah … and I DONT HAVE TO DO DNC, only an appointment with the Dr. Faizal on this 4th august 2010 at hospital pontian will actually provide with the latest result of my womb condition.

I’m really grateful to Allah and with his blessing, I would be the most luckiest Khalifah in the world… 🙂 Now I still need some rest and do some pantang(do’s and don’ts) during this miscarriage period. The MC only give me 7 days of rest and I would have it as fullest resting day of my life. Do’a for me ok.

09 Jul

Bleeding During Pregnancy Causes

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Last week I’d been declared as 6-week pregnant by the Doctor from KPJ Kajang after the ultrasound test. The reason that I’ve came across to check whether I’m pregnant or not was that I’d frequently fatigue and always getting cold and influenza.
My mood swing easily and would always have the sense of being a mother. Well, the signs showed me enough after my husband and I bought a set of Pregnancy test to reveal the truth from all the confusion. It turn out to be positive and I’m looking forward to be a “Great Mom” after this :P. Wink2x

However, the next after the checkup at KPJ Kajang; I noticed that I’m bleeding but not a severe one. I tend to get panic and my husband rush myself to the the same hospital we went yesterday. The Doctor had came and diagnosed the problem therefore he had made a conclusion that I might suffering from “Threatened Miscarriage” and need to be warded in order for him to monitor closely the actual problem of the bleeding.

I’ve eager to know and search for “Threatened Miscarriage”. Below is the sample of article that quite useful to me and husband for future preparation.

Enjoy the normal delivery baby video.. a bit censored but its worth to watch… :

Sources from

Bleeding During Pregnancy Causes

First trimester bleeding

Vaginal bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy can be caused by several different factors. Bleeding affects 20-30% of all pregnancies. Up to 50% of those who bleed may go on to have a miscarriage (lose the baby). Of even more concern, however, is that about 3% of all pregnancies are ectopic in location (the fetus is not inside the uterus). An ectopic pregnancy may be life threatening to the mother. All bleeding associated with early pregnancy should prompt a call to your health care provider for immediate evaluation.

Implantation bleeding: There can be a small amount of spotting associated with the normal implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall, called implantation bleeding. This is usually very minimal, but frequently occurs on or about the same day as your period was due. This can be very confusing if you mistake it for simply a mild period and don’t realize you are pregnant. This is a normal part of pregnancy and no cause for concern.

Threatened miscarriage: You may be told you have a threatened miscarriage if you are having some bleeding or cramping. The fetus is definitely still inside the uterus (based usually on an exam using ultrasound), but the outcome of your pregnancy is still in question. This may occur if you have an infection, such as a urinary tract infection, get dehydrated, use some drugs or medications, are involved in physical trauma, if the developing fetus is abnormal in some way, or for no apparent reason at all. Other than these reasons, threatened miscarriages are generally not caused by things you do, such as heavy lifting or having sex, or by emotional stress.
Completed miscarriage: You may have a completed miscarriage (also called a spontaneous abortion) if your bleeding and cramping have slowed down and the uterus appears to be empty based on ultrasound evaluation. This means you have lost the pregnancy. The causes of this are the same as those for a threatened miscarriage. This is the most common cause of first trimester bleeding.

Incomplete miscarriage: You may have an incomplete miscarriage (or a miscarriage in progress) if the pelvic exam shows your cervix is open and you are still passing blood, clots, or tissue. The cervix should not remain open for very long. If it does, it indicates the miscarriage is not completed. This may occur if the uterus begins to clamp down before all the tissue has passed, or if there is infection.
Blighted ovum: You may have a blighted ovum (also called embryonic failure). An ultrasound would show evidence of an intrauterine pregnancy, but the embryo has failed to develop as it should in the proper location. This may occur if the fetus were abnormal in some way and not generally due to anything you did or didn’t do.

Intrauterine fetal demise: You may have an intrauterine fetal demise (also called IUFD, missed abortion, or embryonic demise) if the developing baby dies inside the uterus. This diagnosis would be based on ultrasound results and can occur at any time during pregnancy. This may occur for any of the same reasons a threatened miscarriage occurs during the early stages of pregnancy. It is very uncommon for this to occur during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. If it does, the causes also include separation of the placenta from the uterine wall (called placental abruption) or because the placenta didn’t get sufficient blood flow.

Ectopic pregnancy: You may have an ectopic pregnancy (also called tubal pregnancy). This would be based on your medical history and ultrasound, and in some cases laboratory results. Bleeding from an ectopic pregnancy is the most dangerous cause of first trimester bleeding. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus, most often in the fallopian tube. As the fertilized egg grows, it can rupture the fallopian tube and cause life-threatening bleeding. Symptoms are often variable and may include pain, bleeding, or lightheadedness. Most ectopic pregnancies will cause pain before the tenth week of pregnancy. The fetus is not going to develop and will die because of lack of supply of nutrients. This condition occurs in about 3% of all pregnancies.

There are risk factors for ectopic pregnancy. These include a history of prior ectopic pregnancy, history of pelvic inflammatory disease, history of fallopian tube surgery or ligation, history of infertility for more than 2 years, having an IUD (birth control device placed in the uterus) in place, smoking, or frequent (daily) douching. Only about 50% of women who have an ectopic pregnancy have any risk factors, however.
Molar pregnancy: You may have a molar pregnancy (technically called gestational trophoblastic disease). Your ultrasound results may show the developing fetus is not actually a baby but is abnormal tissue. This is actually a type of cancer that occurs as a result of the hormones of pregnancy and is usually not life-threatening to you. However, in rare cases the abnormal tissue is cancerous. It can invade the uterine wall and spread throughout the body. The cause of this is generally unknown.

Postcoital bleeding is vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse. It may be normal during pregnancy.

Bleeding may also be caused by reasons unrelated to pregnancy. For example, trauma or tears to the vaginal wall may bleed, and some infections may cause bleeding.

Late-pregnancy bleeding
The most common cause of late-pregnancy bleeding is problems with the placenta. Some bleeding can also be due to an abnormal cervix or vagina.

Placenta previa: The placenta, which is a structure that connects the baby to the wall of your womb, can partially or completely cover the opening of your womb. When you bleed because of this, it is called placenta previa. Late in pregnancy as the opening of your womb, called the cervix, thins and dilates (widens) in preparation for labor, some blood vessels of the placenta stretch and rupture. This causes about 20% of third-trimester bleeding and happens in about 1 in 200 pregnancies. Risk factors for placenta previa include these conditions:

Multiple pregnancies
Prior placenta previa
Prior Cesarean delivery

Placental abruption: This condition occurs when a normal placenta separates from the wall of the womb (uterus) prematurely and blood collects between the placenta and the uterus. Such separation occurs in 1 in 200 of all pregnancies. The cause is unknown. Risk factors for placental abruption include these conditions:
High blood pressure (140/90 or greater)
Trauma (usually a car accident or maternal battering)
Cocaine use
Tobacco use
Abruption in prior pregnancies (you have a 10% risk it will happen again)
Uterine rupture: This is an abnormal splitting open of the uterus, causing the baby to be partially or completely expelled into the abdomen. Uterine rupture is rare but very dangerous for both mother and baby. About 40% of women who have uterine rupture had prior surgery of their uterus, including Cesarean delivery. The rupture may occur before or during labor or at the time of delivery. Other risk factors for uterine rupture are these conditions:

More than 4 pregnancies
Excessive use of oxytocin (Pitocin), a medicine that helps strengthen contractions
A baby in any position other than head down
Having the baby’s shoulder get caught on the pubic bone during labor
Certain types of forceps deliveries

Fetal vessel rupture: This condition occurs in about 1 of every 1,000 pregnancies. The baby’s blood vessels from the umbilical cord may attach to the membranes instead of the placenta. The baby’s blood vessels pass over the entrance to the birth canal. This is called vasa previa and occurs in 1 in 5,000 pregnancies.

Less common causes of late-pregnancy bleeding include injuries or lesions of the cervix and vagina, including polyps, cancer, and varicose veins. Inherited bleeding problems, such as hemophilia, are very rare, occurring in 1 in 10,000 women. If you have one of these conditions, such as von Willebrand disease, tell your doctor.

26 Jun

Wild n Wide Wedding – Part I

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Well it’s a duo after all, never dream this thing happen and I supposed its rare to have double wedding among sisters in a family as it require the RIGHT person, time, budget, location and verdict from both parties to agree on the double wedding. Yes… it includes all happy, chaos, unbalanced commitment, money (d one that already work have to pay more.. uwaaa i supposed) and time (although that I’m working but still I have to send most of the cards.. erghhh)

All in all, after analyzing the event I realized that COMMUNICATION from both parties need to be established between us as it would minimized CONFLICT, MISUNDERSTANDING, and would lead to better consensus among the family.

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24 May

Menjawin United – The Nikah

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1st May 2010 was the date that MOHD ELFIE NIESHAEM BIN JUFERI & MAZUIN BINTI OSMAN @ STEPHEN JOHN CLARKE had been solemnized by the Tok Kadi aka wali nasab at MASJID JAMEK MOSQUE in PONTIAN, JOHOR, MALAYSIA. Herewith, attached our photos and a video together happy in the event. Enjoy!!!

22 May