Not Sure What Sort of Case I Have

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I have not really decided whether or not it is worth pursuing. Of course it would be quite easy to find a lawyer who could sue these doctors for you if you wanted to do it. I have sort of talked to a guy who is with the Ray Gupta law group and of course they are going to look at you case to see if it has merits. They are interested in whether or not the case makes sense for them and since they are going to make you pay even if you lose, that probably means it makes sense for them. For me it only make sense if I win. I can be in the right all day and that does me no good if the other guy is willing to fight it out long enough that I have to give up the fight. If the other guy has the will to fight he can just out last a guy like me. My money is not going to keep a lawyer on his feet for very long and any lawyer I hire is going to want to make money.

The system is pretty much based on the theory that a guy with a lawyer can pretty much rob you just like he had a ski mask and a gun. All he has to do is hold out until you scream uncle and eventually most people are going to pay you to stop suing them, if only because they have no choice. Obviously a lot of people will fight stuff out until they go broke just to be stubborn. Most people are going to flinch at some point and the question is who is going to do, him or you. It might be the guy who can afford it the least or the other way around.

13 Feb

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