Three natural cures for infertility

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Cures for infertility are easy to find but unfortunately they are quite expensive. Infertility cures that involve medication or surgery require couples to break the bank to pay the treatments. In addition, most insurance companies don’t cover infertility treatments. This condition makes women get frustrated in the attempt to conceive. In many cases, fertility failure can even lead to depression. This fact urges couples to find alternative treatments to cure infertility. Natural treatments become the choice of many women to get pregnant. Natural treatments are more affordable yet they offer the same effective result as the high-tech methods.

Lifestyle Changes

The first natural cure for infertility is lifestyle changes. Many experts agree that women can get pregnant simply by changing their lifestyle. Well, actually there are no dietary cures for this problem, but managing your diet is important to conceive easily. There are some tips when you try to change lifestyle for a successful conception. Maintaining a healthy weight is the first thing to do. If you are over or even underweight, you have bigger risk to face fertility failure. This is because unhealthy weight leads to lower chance of having successful fertility procedures. Try to avoid smoking, caffeine, alcohol and unnecessary medications. Excessive exercises are also not recommended since they cause menstrual irregularity. Moderate exercise is a better way to improve your overall health.


The second natural cure is planning your sexual activity and monitoring basal body temperature. Actually, there are no criteria of how often a couple should have intercourse. Some experts say that having intercourse 2 times a week won’t add benefits. Besides, frequent sexual activity will only lower sperm count. Some studies report that having sex before and during ovulation for several times a day will increase pregnancy rates. Then, how to monitor basal body temperature? Well, monitoring basal body temperature can be done in several ways. Every morning, measure your temperature using specialized basal body thermometer and note the result on a graph-paper chart. In addition, make sure that you also note your menstruation days and sexual activity. Fertility is likely to occur between days 10 and 17 in your menstrual cycle. After ovulation, your body temperature will increase drastically. Learn the temperature patterns for a few months so that you can plan your sexual activity according to the data.

Stress Management

The third way to cure your infertility is by managing the stress. Couples who find failure in the attempt to conceive have to face emotional burden. Therefore, planning in the infertility treatments is needed. You and your couple have to decide a procedure that is emotionally and financially acceptable. Infertility treatments are expensive and hence you need to make the right decision in choosing a method. You should also consider alternatives such as donor sperm or egg, adoption or even deciding to have no children. Determining the alternatives at the early stage of treatment will help you reduce anxiety during your quest of cures for infertility.

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