MyVi Limited Edition…I love red!

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R.E.D…. yes, its my favourite color of all colours in the world apart from yellow! I just saw an advertisement in Google ads that has given me inspiration for new dream car….a MyVi, ahakz! Before this, I do not really prefer the outer appearance of that car because of its bulky shape and conservative look, it was not my type of car

However, with the new face and body lift up by the PERODUA R&D crew, I would say that they have done a real magnificent job and would cater lots of ‘girls’ demand I would say ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe and also for family car as well. The seats and door handles does have different features whereby the seats are striking red (i like) and it does have exclusive chrome door handles (which i prefer most).

The pricing is quite pricey and not up to my budget yet.. but maybe I could get an ordinary myvi and turn it into one. ๐Ÿ˜› with lower budget. insyallah … If im not mistaken its already OUT from the oven.. ouch HOT!!! and the launch of it was on 7th July 2010. So, why not this weekend come along with your partner or hangout friends to see the latest limited edition of Myvi pinkish gediks.. hehe

Well catch out the new Myvi Limited Edition pics below.

For further details of its specification, pricing, and for the contact could click on the link below :

11 Jul

7 Responses to “MyVi Limited Edition…I love red!”

  1. awinsjclarke says:

    However, my hubby said that we better find car that is more convenient and family-type car for our future usage if we do have d’ bundle of joy (half a dozen.. i supposed) ๐Ÿ™‚ haha.. ALZA I supposed? y not? in that case.. waiting for the same limited edition of ALZA RED… ehehe

  2. Shiela Latif says:

    kalau dah beli ALZA RED limited edition jangan lupa bawak aku ngan Danial ngan Adam jalan jalan yer…hukhuk… :)… miss u a lot!!

  3. Shiela Latif says:

    kalau dah beli ALZA RED limited edition jangan lupa dtg umah aku ambik aku n de boys jalan jalan keliling Pontian yer beb…hukhuk…miss u a lot!!…

  4. aja says:

    heheh..nice post…i booked juz waiting my new Myvi LE arrive…=)yippie

  5. awinsjclarke says:

    aja> ahakz… yeay best… but im still waiting for my Alza LE.. hehe

  6. dina says:

    i booked already vi le..

  7. my dream car is a Ferarri, Ferarris are the best cars in the world —

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