My Website Was Buried Deep in Results

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I was really excited about the new website I had created. I knew that it looked really good because I was involved in the creative process from the very first day. I did not have the expertise to put one together on my own, but I was able to convey the ideas that I had with someone I thought was an expert. Well, three weeks after my new site’s launch, I ended up doing a search for professional digital marketing in Sydney. I really had no one to blame but myself for the problems that we were having because I hired the wrong person to help me.

Granted, the person I hired put together a very snazzy website. I was impressed right from the start. But, I did not do enough research on the kind of people I needed to help me put this together because the gentleman I hired obviously knows very little, if anything, about digital marketing and search engine optimization. What I learned after this ordeal was that a person can create something really neat and great, but it can also be pretty useless. Let me explain what I mean by that.

I was expecting a huge boost in traffic because of my new website. I was not expecting for there to be no increase at all. When I dug deeper into what was going on, I realized that search engine optimization is part of the website building process. If someone is not able to find your website because it is buried so deep in the results, then it is essentially useless. I was able to find a great website SEO company though that helped me get my website back on track. They gave me some help in making the site even better, and then they worked their magic. I can barely contain my excitement over how many new customers I am getting every single day now.

31 Oct

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