My long-distance cousins

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If im not suffer with short term-memory-loss — ahakz, just kidding! — I’ve got to know my cousin via internet in the year of 2005 when when I was doing my practical; which we never ever been contact with before. My late dad never ever told me that we have cousin living in England; only that we knew that my dad have 2 siblings beside him whom I was informed by him that are: Aunt Janet (Gary and Rebecca, my cousins) and Uncle Malcolm (still missing…try to search but no signs of him).

I’m glad that I still have relatives way back at my dad’s hometown and would like to reunite one day, insya’allah. If time permits us to see each other. There’s a long story to tell about my background and things that do happened 26 years ago, when I was born as Mazuin Osman @ Stephen John Clarke.

Whatever it is, I love them all regardless to their culture, religion, and different countries but still we are one blood-connection family (Clarke’s family).

Below are some photos of my cousin and his family:

My lil cousin, Rebecca, resembles like lil’ sis Yana!
Picture of Daniel…the cute guy on the block!

25 Jun

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  1. A silent stalker says:

    Hey, nice blog. Have you ever thought about writing in Malay. Blogging does not necessarily be in English you know. especially when it is not one of you better spoken/written language.

    Aother option is, write, proofread, check grammar, and than post.

    Just a thought. Am not trying to belittle you or whatever.

    (AWINSJC: Thanks for ur comment, I know I got problem with my English but I’ll try to improve myself and by blogging I hope it could assist me in improving my grammar and so on.)

  2. Cousin Gary says:

    Hi Awin,

    Cousin Gary here. Thanks so much for the Blog. Its great that we met online and purely by coincidence.

    We are proud to have relatives and even more so that you are from a different culture and religion.

    One day we will meet I promise.

    All our love to you all

    Gary, Ann, Jac and Daniel

    (awinsjclarke : Thanks for the comment, I really really happy that I have relatives from my dad’s side … thanks to Gary’s email to REMY army… that I found you and your family… Internet really change our life! We also love all of you LOVE : AWIN, YANA, ZURA, MOM

  3. Curious says:

    Whats wrong with writing in English? Its her choice and it is after all her blog.

    Plus if it is as you claim that it is not one of her better spoken/written language, what better way is there to improve it than to use it more often?

    Keep up the great blog Awinsjclarke!

    (AWINSJCLARKE: its alright to comment … nothing wrong. Btw thanks for your concerns!)

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