My Friends part 1

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It’s been ages, I didnt jot any info and latest news to my one and only English webpage. For good and bad times i be on your side forever more .. that’s what friends are for~~~ Reminds me on to the song that I like to sing whenever Im with my friends during my secondary years (1994 – 1998). Yeah, that’s the best moment I ever had with lots of memories we’d gathered and cherished throughout my life as such :

-giggling in bahasa melayu class
-chit chatting before during and after class…hehe
-eat very cheap nasi lemak, mee bandung and etc for only 50sen
-have our own art class with spare keys that we can go in and out whenever we want *bcoz we are the committees of MURAL and ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL BUILDINGS
-playing tennis with guys rather than sissy gals
-having friends that have same thoughts and character
-do our own ‘STUFF’ u know laa…

that just it .. actually there are more but rather to keep to myself… never revealed any disgusting or rather disputable matter… ahakz

So enjoy the clip below by That’s What Friends Are For – Dionne Warwick & Friends HQ :

In remembrance and Dedicated to :

zarina(katak*kebeliakkan), shima(gajah*kesengalan), khyriah(tikus*kependekkan), rajaikin(biawak*slumber), shasha(badak air*kegemukkan), hajar(singa*kegarangan), kate(murai*kekepohan), harliyana(kuda*kegelakkan cam kuda), hasanah(koala*ketuaan).

erm… as for me .. I also got name but I kept it secret heheh.. unless u know one of my friends above… Im doomed! ahakz

11 Jun

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  1. Hey, nice post, very well written. You should post more about this.

  2. Izza says:

    wow! you are superb! I remembered my old days. Keep posting! thanks!

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